For the central district of IL
Urbana IL 61801

James F. Osterbur
2191 county road 2500 E.  St. Joseph IL 61873
United States of America
Internal Revenue Service/ dept of the Treasury; 1500 Pennsylvania ave NW   DC  20220
the Solicitor General   ROOM 5614, Department of Justice,
950 Pennsylvania ave, NW   Washington DC 20530-0001
the Attorney General   US dept of Justice 10th and Constitution avenues NW Washington DC 20530
the President Barrack Obama;   1600 Pennsylvania ave NW , DC 20500

dated: 11/15/10                                       trial number: 10-CV-2257 

RE:   the failure of: (YOU, “the employees” working for the people of this United States),  to provide for/ sustain/ secure/ protect/ establish the demands of the Constitution preamble, its amendments; and the declaration of independence, plus the bill of rights: as is their “job description”.  To create justice (you did not; every thief/ every fraud/ every conspiracy against this people welcomed in)/ retain a separation of church and state as is the religion called evolution (you did not)/  work for world peace with law (you chose weapons of mass destruction instead, threatening us with extinction)/ and a wide variety of other tragic, foolish, disgraceful, and ultimately terrorizing realities that have been created since the wide spread influence of “university takeover” in government, industry, education, and every other form of control possible.
The contract with our employees hired to work for this nation/ this state is:  that by your oath and affirmation, we give you this job; for the clear and absolute purpose of providing the leadership dedicated to producing the results we have agreed to as our constitution and foundation documents of this USA.  That is the purpose of your work/ that is the functional job description for which you are paid. YOU FAILED, and as a consequence to that/ your pay is removed/ your pensions and benefits are confiscated; your job is subject to criminal revue under redress of grievances.  And we the people must protect ourselves, because your work failed us all.

These fundamental trespasses against the United States, this critical treason as is not functionally protecting the citizens or nation or any other true description of what their jobs were intended to be.  The proven conspiracy of the court, and other  hierarchy in government to refuse:  “first amendment redress of grievances” to the people, as is our law.  Our guaranteed right as citizens of this USA.  The redistribution of our money: STOLEN with debts, traps, penalties, and control of every resource and every job by the university diploma.  Stolen with bonds and inflated dollars used with endless temptation, manipulation, propaganda, and controls intended:   to enslave, entrap, and steal our property as citizens of this USA.
THE REALITY IS,     We the people OWE THEM NOTHING! That means “taxes are NOT due”/ because the foundations of this nation upon which taxes are demanded: WERE CORRUPTED, CONTAMINATED WITH GREED, DISRUPTED WITH FAILURE, DESTROYED WITH THREATS: and rearranged against this people, instead of used as their defense.  That is treason.

Or more specifically, the claim for taxes (pay us money) has been proven false!   YOU DID NOT EARN THE MONEY!  YOU DID NOT DO THE JOB YOU WERE HIRED TO DO!  Thereby you are owed your day in court instead.
YOU FAILED TO PROTECT OUR MONEY!  YOU LIED CONTINUALLY ABOUT DEBTS/ AND DO NOT PROVIDE A TRUE AND ACCURATE ACCOUNTING TO THE PEOPLE AS THE CONSTITUTION DEMANDS.  YOU THREATEN NOT ONLY THIS NATION but THIS WORLD; WITH the national ignition facility, and other university experiments from which we CANNOT recover/ when their theories are proven wrong.  YOU HAVE used the military, for less than honorable intention/ rather than law, justice, and peace; the term “shock and awe” was created to instill fear. That is an illegal action, against the constitution itself.

In the past nuclear weapons in the hands of this USA threatened a world, because of this government.  YOU HAVE CHOSEN to discard the future/ STEALING FROM THE CHILDREN their future.  Condemning them to death because of incessant and real destruction to resources, environment, ecology, nature, oceans; and everything else you could touch.  You fail at every level of education.  You discard, disgrace, and disrespect the people BY REDISTRIBUTING THEIR MONIES TO THE RICH. Making the poor pay for everything.   You failed to uphold amendment 4 of our Constitution, by allowing “every fraud that could; come in and steal our wealth/ take over our education, business, jobs and future”. By giving gamblers our lives to play with, our nation to use as their toy.  YOU STOLE land and property belonging to Americans (we the people), and sold it to foreigners to cover and disguise the damage and disrespect, being done to us;  as is treason.  YOU HAVE allowed the courts to refuse due process with nothing more than frivolous rules and innuendo unfit for any nation.  You have turned against the people as a whole, and declared “only the college graduate/ the expert; who has proven to be nothing more than a damn jackass/ a gluttonous pig, ejaculating over the garbage pit of your complete failure” as is the consequence of what these decisions have proven to be.  We are threatened with extinction, because of your failure/ because of university decisions, theories, and claims.
OUR future:   is threatened with absolute chaos and destruction/ assassinating every child, because of this gambling and this failure/ covered up for so long by incessant LIARS and fools.  The children HAVE HAD THEIR ENTIRE LIVES EXTORTED, by your wants.  People lives have been stolen, their sacrifices in work and time, for decades; turned into nothing more than fodder for the rich. At every turn: we the people discarded & disrespected;   SOLD to those with pride, power, and money, to be their slaves now.     

Or, summed up simply: with every job contracted by those who have said “we will do, what the constitution and the people demand.  Disciplining ourselves to the oaths which we ourselves have declared.  Defending the nation as if it were about our own lives, for ourselves”.  As is the intent of WHY we pay taxes and have government employees.
Proven false: this HAS A COST TO THE EMPLOYEE AS WELL.  That cost is, you will not:   do any damn thing you please and hand us the bill for your neglect/ destitution of honor/ desertion of courage, DUTY, family, nation, and world/ failure, disease, disrespect, and foolish/ blind/ stupidity. The redistribution of our money to the rich.  The control, manipulation, and consequent propaganda of our “news sources”/ by the wealthy (because they bought, the supreme court) in disgrace of this nation.  Rather WE AGREED TO PAY; for the job we intended to have done/ the reason you were hired.  Which in fact, you refused to do. We did not agree to pay for treason.   This has become, a government hierarchy so brazenly devoid of everything but arrogance: that high ranking officials all agreed “debts don’t matter to us/ unless of course its debts the people must pay to us; in the form of their taxes”.

 THEREFORE we return that statement to you:   “Debts considered owed to employees of government/ DON’T MATTER”.  Let them worry and go broke for themselves/ WE WON’T CARE.
Because no possible honest relationship survived between what our employees were hired to do/ arising from those “plain employees” who have banded together to take for themselves twice our salaries.  To those “special employees” who find our money and our lives as nothing but a toy, to be abused/ used/ or manipulated. A people unworthy of truth, a people who can be stolen from easily and discarded as the endless trash: which literally becomes, “our children and planet assassinated by those who did not care enough”.  
 WE therefore, REFUSE TO PAY.

UNTIL WE RECEIVE TRUE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.   In true open court, where critical investigation of our reality: past, present, and future exists/ the examination of all pertinent facts to our survival and threats;  shall exist by the evidence; and be defended by true punishment or death/ and a literal decision that is functionally educated, and fundamentally established by the fabric of a nation,  designed to be:     WE THE PEOPLE,    exists.


From the Declaration of Independence:
The truths we hold “self-evident, that all people are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among people, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”
As written: “whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

......”for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”    A PROVEN RIGHT.

The bill of rights adds in, a distinct relationship between employee and citizen: read it all. To understand the limits, duties, realities, and purposes of why you were hired, what you are allowed to do/ and WHERE THE TRUE POWER OF THIS GOVERNMENT EXISTS.    It is,  The law:   we create to govern ourselves.

The fact, that our representatives and their decisions for decades past have been so completely devoid of honor, respect for reality/ constitution/ justice/ or citizen.  Has been completely  disrespectful of the future, the children,  and purposely dishonest at every level of fact with regard to the truth; establishing nothing to do with the importance of reality, our truth as a nation, or our future. The sanctity of life, world, or anything else of importance, DISCARDED to the trash.
Providing instead of security, threats, extinction, lies, theft, failure, and games about who can steal the most among themselves. They play with our lives, endlessly gambling with every life, and even our entire planet in countless ways. Letting university liars promise and tempt anything without regard to consequences or truth/ without reality/ without the sanctity of separation between religion and state.  BECAUSE RELIGION is what people choose to believe/ rather than what they can prove: HOW MUCH is that NOT “the university creating their own religion/ and forcing it down our throat”.
That shall NOT continue;   unless we the people decide it shall be so.  OUR LIVES cannot be threatened by the terrorists or traitors:   we hired as employees, or the institutions/ universities/ military/ or industries we allow.   That is NOT what we agreed to as the nation called this United States of America.

  RETURNING to the demands of our founding documents; THESE ARE, the agreements between the people themselves: yes it is worth the price to do this!  Which means they are literally the government.  Because this is what we demand from our employees, from our nation, for ourselves. Specifically the preamble, and amendments of this US constitution/ the declaration of  independence/ and the bill of rights as written.

  WE ARE THE INTERPRETERS OF FACT, with regard to these documents/ NO employee shall interpret them for us.  OUR NATION/ not yours as rulers;   your nation, as an equal per citizen/ one vote.   Our redress to prove our reality called WE THE PEOPLE.

The cost and consequence of these realities is:   WE OWE OUR EMPLOYEES NOTHING!  And that includes the taxes presented to us; for purposes that have FAR TOO LITTLE, to do with the stated cause of taxes:   to secure/ protect/ establish peace and harmony, promote justice, and form a more perfect union among these states.  YOU DID NONE OF THAT! But in fact proved “traitors come in all forms, experiments, and with diplomas errant and deluded with fantasy”. You turned elections into the game: “how do we take the American people out, of their elections”? The answer is, “give them nothing but disgrace and disrespect to choose from”! Let the money then  decide.   By taking away the issues; take away the truth of governing and discard reality of facts:   and PROVE, “ make them choose; nothing of value, for us,   here”! Shame on you!

The taxes proclaimed against James F. Osterbur for the year 2005/ as yet unpaid DUE TO THE RESPECT NECESSARY, to assemble this trial before this people; required that.   Because of an illegitimate court, and governing body; which refuses to hear legal complaints about anything but money.  To take this government to court, requires money, because the citizen, or their guaranted rights are nothing, unless a debt to be collected. For we the people are betrayed, and this world is manipulated; by rulers hiding under the American flag!   The failure to pay these taxes: AS WAS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO OPEN THE COURTHOUSE DOOR.  Are then subject to simple trial. 

WHY DO I OWE THIS MONEY/ when you the employee failed to do your job; and in fact STOLE my money/ STOLE my time in confronting you, and demanding and preparing for court/ STOLE my citizens guaranteed rights, through a courtroom/ DENIED my foundation rights to DUE PROCESS, which were by no legal means carried out, within a courtroom. Threatened every aspect of “the money/ economy” with an out of control banking and wall street gambling industries; stealing the money from we the people with lies! THREATENING NOT ONLY MY NATION; BUT MY WORLD WITH THE ABSOLUTE ARROGANCE AND CONTEMPT OF PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE SO DAMN SMART, they are entitled to play gods/ entitled to literally and without restraint GAMBLE WITH OUR WHOLE PLANET/ THE NATURE WE MUST HAVE TO SURVIVE:   THEREBY,  EVERY LIFE ON THIS WORLD!    How dare you do that/ what a ______________  disgrace and disease you are. LED by the pissheads of university/ the experts of swill and story telling lies: we stand at the door of horrible things.  Without change even biblical prophecies could be realized.  SHAME on you.

PROVE I,   OWE taxes for this!    PROVE WE THE PEOPLE;    OWE YOU, the rulers,    ANYTHING but contempt!
   including your healthcare/ pensions/ salaries/ or owe you,  anything but prison and courtroom trial to determine the truth!
   For the tragedies, you have chosen to create/ THE THREATS you have declared with your experiments, destruction of life, resource, and environment: and weapons of mass destruction; “sure go ahead and kill them all, if your wrong”
Prove I owe/ we owe: for the endless ARROGANCE, LIES, THEFT, FAILURE:

and outright contempt for constitutional law; as has been proven by refusal to accept REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, for the people.

Are NOT owed a salary, or anything else but eviction.  Are NOT:   to be allowed to continue AS EMPLOYEES:  without redress of grievances for all this people?  WE ARE NOT:   subject to the tyranny, anarchy, or the monarchy of those who have let money rule this land ( stolen OUR MONEY/ OUR LIVES/ OUR DEMOCRACY: “redistributed that sacrifice to the wealthy”, and by giving our nation to others.  Hidden by inflating the dollar beyond all recognition in reality. Selling property they did not own.  Endless lies, with claims of a debt/ that simply CANNOT be paid.  It ain’t a debt if it cannot be paid, it’s a lie; and inflation given strictly to the rich; they get more dollars to spend, but we get more debt to pay). 

 We want our lives back!  We want our nation back!  We demand the constitution SHALL RULE/ and never again employees who have proven to be traitors instead.  To that end, it is the purpose of redress to also correct and change these realities and prove “we the people” are in charge.  We will change and recreate the boundaries allowed to our employees/ and we will rearrange the reality of WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE; by constitutional decree and law.  Established by ourselves/ changed by constitutional amendment with true majority (over 70%) rule, by vote.

The demand on this courtroom is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ according to the first amendment of the US constitution: as we the people interpret it to be.  Nothing more/ but nothing less, or there shall be no taxes paid.  You will have to steal it, instead.   You will risk, civil war/ if you do; because absolute arrogance/ pride without boundaries/ power applied to wage war on our lives/ corruption and the clear confiscation of our ability to vote (by controlling, or more specifically taking away;  a valid opportunity to discuss real solutions, to participate in honest ways).  Failure, fools, tragedy, threats which will demand extermination, mutilation of nature (a horror to come unimaginable, and without escape), the assassination of the children by stealing their resources, the foundations of world war established by theft, cheating, lying, and disrespecting us all;   because the selfishness of want knows no boundary in those who have traded our lives, our nation, and our world, for a few damn trinkets and pay attention to me.  SHAME ON YOU.

It takes first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES before this entire nation:   TO PROVE COMPLIANCE WITH THE CONSTITUTION, and cause to believe any tax beyond this moment;  should not be rejected/ should not be refused. Until such time as the law, “called WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation (as is redress)”:    is kept.  Taxes are refused.
The constitution grants first amendment law/ guarantees citizen rights provided by THIS constitution: SHALL BE HONORED, and legitimately KEPT!  Or there is no legitimate form of American government to claim the reward of taxes/ or insist, none can refuse it!   PROVE IT IS NOT SO!  Is that not what court is for?  To prove the guaranteed rights of a citizen of this United States SHALL indeed receive what the constitution promises in the form of redress of grievances:  OUR RIGHT TO BE OWNERS/ TO PROVE “we the people” SHALL RULE OURSELVES! Is the courts job, not to prove:  OUR EMPLOYEES  shall be “at all times amenable to them”; as stated in the bill or rights?  PROVE this is not so.

 OR every penny taken by tax IS STOLEN BY YOU!  Are there not penalties, for people who do not obey the law?  Are we not the owners of this nation?  Who are you to refuse “we the people”.  Who are you to assume, this courtroom does not belong to the people of this United States of America for their purposes, in providing for themselves: their DEMOCRACY.    WE, own this nation/ not our employees!

While I speak simply for me/ the reality is:   THE LAW speaks with me, and for me, and with all the consequences that are owed to;    Each and every single citizen of this nation: “therefore We the people of this land: demand redress.  Our guaranteed right as a citizen here, BY LAW”!
When I say: taxes shall not be paid/ I MEAN: unless our employees obey the law, called the first amendment redress of grievances.  The law, which guarantees me, my inherent right to access and protections as a citizen of this United States in accordance with the constitutional demands PLACED upon our employees to provide, to me/ to all as citizens of this nation.  A demand for constitutional law and intent, NOT rebellion to rule this land. A demand for reality and truth to lead/ NOT complete insanity and arrogance instead.

THIS IS NOT A GAME/ redress is necessary to address and decide the foundations in truth that protect and defend life: or the continuation of lies, deceit, death, and destruction that has been “the american way” for decades.  This is life or death for a world, a state of terrorism so real and so extreme, that leaders of this USA, and in particular its universities have lead:      All humanity, in the extermination of life from this planet (with considerable help/ but still led).
We cannot “un-mutilate nature”. We cannot put out a fire known to be sustained at over 6 million degrees of heat/ where everything here is fuel; as is fusion.  We cannot replace resources destroyed.  We cannot survive a planet in chaos/ an environment that cannot be sustained/ an oxygen loss (too many fires)/ a dead ocean/ global warming (melting ice freezes cools your glass/ not frozen ice: thereby the fact that it is not as warm as you believe necessary to prove global warming to you.  Actually simply proves global warming is accelerating instead.)  The list is very long, the time allotted for change is very short.  The continued failure is not a game/ it is the choice between life or death for this world.  Your want is absurd, without life, nature, or planet you have nothing!  Shame on you, terrorists and fools.
Those who deliberately stand in the way of our hope to survive/ SHALL receive their due reward, in eternity.  Believe it, or not/ is absolutely irrelevant.  What is true, decides.