201 S. VINE ST,   URBANA IL 61801


dated 1/ 28/ 11

RE:    To your text order regarding case 10-cv-2257 . 

I respectfully submit, that unless it would be applied to me as contempt:   it is NOT my desire to enter into a phone status conference with the court at this time.  Reality has taught me plainly that I DO need a valid record of any transaction with the courtroom of this USA or state.  A phone status conference does not supply or establish that record within my own hands, therefore I DO request a written copy and response; so as to create and establish that record for the distinct purpose:   no misunderstanding can exist.   
If you insist upon a phone conference; I do submit an objection, but will comply. 
The phone numbers in use by me are 217 xxxxxxxx (which you should be aware I strongly believe was tapped in the past, and may still be)   or   cell phone 217 xxxxxxxxx

With regards to: the need for preliminary trial proceedings the issues most necessary to understand are.

1.  That although I have a personal stake in this lawsuit, there is an additional or equal stake in the outcome of these realities for the people of this state and nation.  Democracy means: TOGETHER WE DECIDE!  Consequently, it is with determination that I DO apply for redress of grievances according to both state and national constitutions as the means most likely to defend this democracy from its own evils.   The, “People who believe democracy means:” they can take everything/ do anything/ gamble with our lives, our nature, our everything/ and make us pay for their supposed freedom to impact, tear apart, or destroy   our lives, freedoms, and liberty with what they call their “money”.  Money has no meaning apart from humanity itself/ that means it has only the value we assign it to have; because it is “just a number”.  WE, the people;  are the money!  It is our lives, that will decide.

The test being: does,   we the people, acting within the “UNITED agreements ”, of these states and nation create a demand for us all, from that union: as owners!   OR the question arises;  is this democracy?   Did our agreement to unite as one people become:   “Just for them, that prove to have the most money”;      let the rest be slaves? 
Unfair is unfair, regardless of the assumption that allowed an injustice to be.  Redress is our test, for authority as WE THE PEOPLE/ our right to demand accountability from those who “literally, work for us”.

Trial expects: the performance of redress according to the constitution; as it requires/ the balance of that decision created through the court as a legal proceeding governed by a majority rule, through the vote of each jury involved.  That the people shall have their own say regarding the governing of themselves/ and legally find their voice; WITHOUT rebellion.  That means: the court shall provide communications necessary: to establish an opportunity for the people of this state to say to this nation “we do or do not believe it is necessary to bring our employees to trial”.  A chance, to say “yes or no” to a trial that demands our employees shall IN FACT:    provide a true and accurate accounting of all matters we do so define herein AS A JURY, for this trial.   IF YES:   The court shall then ask the other respective states, through media awareness:   that do comprise this union: IF THEY AGREE!  This is our courtroom/ not yours or mine: ours! This is our trial in redress, thereby it is assigned only by the people themselves in their determination of cause and purpose, through an initiating compilation of realities:  conceived as the questions fit, to the truth: WE ARE THE OWNERS.
Determined by a jury; as to whether we go forward or not; this becomes true democracy in action.
Penalties for liars and fools intent upon leading the people astray must be severe.

2.   The establishment of this trial exceeds the demand of democracy, and become the search for criminals intent upon terrorizing our lives:    by determining if in fact the possibilities of threat, which can lead to our extinction exist.  To demand who, what, how, and why those who gamble with our lives have chosen to exceed our truth as a people: potentially establishing,  a future lost for all/ if they fail!
In other words, not only is the demand for trial subject to constitutional redress laws/ this trial expects the framework necessary to determine if : there are terrorists in our midst/ using our own money through taxes being paid,  against our lives.  The foundation of that evidence is NOT subject to “university garble”/ but develops entirely upon the consideration:   CAN WE SURVIVE THESE EXPERIMENTS, OR THEORIES GONE WRONG!   In other words, DO YOU GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE, OUR NATURE, OUR EVERYTHING/ or not?  It is not more complicated than that.   Can this exterminate us, even if it is “a million to one odds, or more” in our minds or not?  It is our right to determine and demand: the risk is too high/ the penalty too severe.    OUR LIVES and OUR NATION, EVERYTHING:   ARE, being risked, by university or military experiments!  Our judgment is mandatory!  Our authority is absolute!   We will decide from this point forward:   what we shall allow to be risked/ not you!

The initial test being:   can we survive bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth/ IF THEY ARE WRONG.  Can we survive “NATURE ON THIS PLANET” in absolute chaos, because the university played one to many times: two arms/ two legs/ a brain;   ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is at risk/ because of their mutilations?  PROVE what is real/ no theories allowed to suggest “we can do anything we want”/ IT IS NOT SO. And more.

Trial expects: that for every threat, every accounting of reality and risk:   there shall be an answer from the university, military, or other as is necessary to distinguish and identify the truth.  THE FAILURE TO RESPOND IN FULL/ DEMANDS A COMPLETE SHUTDOWN OF THIS CONCEIVED OF RISK.  THE PERMANENT REMOVAL OF ALL ASSOCIATED POSSIBILITIES. 
This trial is intended to establish the decision to seek redress for the nation/ so that the nation decides for itself:   rather than determine the risk for them.  They shall choose/ and live with the result; no exceptions.  Therefrom the actions in court preceding that decision of redress are limited to the pronouncement of risk or threat to life or nation: NO GAMES/ NO RELIGION/ NO UNPROVEN THEORY; none of it.  Facts alone that are established by truth shall decide.  The religion called evolution is evicted/ as they have proven nothing of value.   In this redress trial: we the people, are the jury/ we are the experts who shall decide what is true for this nation!

  Justice demands:  the opportunity in this initiating trial, be limited to a 4 week preparation period (do they not know their own work)?  Let the defense call their own witnesses, if they would choose to give their own assessment to those risks or threats,  in opposition/ during this preliminary phase.
The jury decides/ the nation is informed, subject to a decision for redress.        The defense may rest if it so chooses, and present nothing in opposition for this trial.  It is their choice.  The true test of threat, risk, and decision:   comes ONLY during redress for a nation.   Not this initiating question of redress as a nation: it is merely the question, do you believe WE MUST investigate these things/ or do you not?  It is a yes or no decision. 
THIS is a simple trial, determining if the question of threat and accounting of reality and truth shall be devised under and within the courtroom of this USA, as WE THE PEOPLE, are in charge here; shall be the jury to decide what threat we will allow, for our everything/ the future of life on earth!  It is our lives/ it is our choice.  It is NOT yours!
A court ordered moratorium shall exist: if the jury so demands/ until final judgement is made upon each or any of the threats so identified.

3.  The critical economic accounting for this nation, shall be laid out:   the demand of how and when each aspect of economic statistical information should be distinguished as/ IN A FORM THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN CAN UNDERSTAND. Thereby clear fundamentals, so that those who can understand shall indeed teach those who do not; the truth!  The functional demand is to create a flow of funds review on all subject matter;   as was common to the . And better!   Before it was replaced with its current propaganda and lies format.  A summary representation from that time is provided.  This flow of funds work by government employees:   has existed for years.  They know how!  It is well known and the employees already in place:  in other words, “just produce it/ because it already exists”.  And explain it, to every citizen; exactly what each item means: in clear and concise language even a school child shall understand.   Can’t do it?  Then your job is lost/ your pension etc, revoked. 
Redress allows for the fundamental examination of our critical truth as a nation.  That demand includes:   proving, in no uncertain terms, “the gold exists” in Fort Knox, or elsewhere for instance; and that it is ours/ etc.  No illusions or misconceptions or any other form of swindle: or we lock the participants in that up, forever! In maximum security prison.

Redress exists to ascertain and take control over situations that have been proven to “be out of control”.  That means our right as a nation extends to the banks/ to the stock market/ to the pension plans/ to the exact reality and amounts subject to social security/ to every bond, paper, security, or other that is within our nation owned or influencing our lives.  Including foreign ownership, etc!  WE WANT THE TRUTH, IN ITS ENTIRETY.  Everything, open and plain.  Everything understood in its reality.
Redress demands:   an exact accounting in detail of every penny that has been spent, particularly in the last two years over and above the reality of tax collection. Separate, Because every indication is: that the debt is just hidden inflation/ being used to ransack and rape this nation from the inside out.  Our money, given to those who steal our lives, our property, our resources, and pretend to be wealthy by gambling with our economic future. 

The test is:   the assembly of we the people in judgment over the actions and definitions that establish either “for the people/ or against the people”.  Are functionally limited to: WHAT THE PEOPLE DO UNDERSTAND!  No excuses are allowed.  No fifth amendments are provided:   this is our employees giving account of what they have done, while in our employ.  Our right as citizens to know:   WHERE our money went, in business, industry, university, military, etc.  Distinct rights to know HOW/ WHERE/ WHY/ WHEN/ WHO:  has been cheating us, what happened to our money; does it exist! Or is it stolen?  No exceptions will be granted/ you shall testify, or go to prison immediately, with no chance of bail; this is the nation speaking to you!
UNTIL some point in the future, after this redress for a nation is concluded.  And we get around to determining what to do, with “thieves/ liars/ cheats/ and fools.  Only the nation matters;   the fifth amendment is dissolved in terms of refusal to help this nation understand its own truth.  Answers are mandatory/ as is penalty for perjury or any intent other than what is true.

This trial expects:   that the cradle of information shall be formed, through the expectations of we the people as they the juries from each state:   describe for themselves what they demand in this relationship with redress for a nation.  This initiating jury provides that opportunity, and may add if they so choose.  Each state that affirms redress shall aid in that effort of information/ that creation of critical substance, by which WE CAN KNOW, exactly what our truth is.  Thereby this portion of this initiating trial, is given to the jury to do with as they please: with regard to information they expect to receive as a nation,  and how.  The various states which do affirm redress shall go forward; with their own decisions, by adding in.   If the majority (26) states demand redress, so then shall it be.  30 days hence/ trial begins.  Our employees have no rights in this assessment of accounting, threats, and democracy/ thereby they are not welcomed in trial, beyond the word defendant.  Although they can make a statement to the court with regards to why they should not be made to tell us all, “what they have done, to, or with our money, and our lives.  With critical accuracy and completion through details”.  They are citizens as are the rest, and entitled to their single vote.  Consequently: jury selection throughout this redress trial in all its phases is limited to: public media information, as to time and location/ but chosen then, by  “lottery”, among all who say of themselves, “I will, do this work”.   Because there are none, who can say “not involved in the outcome”.

4.  The elemental truth, of whether I do or do not owe this government the taxes presented by the IRS to me, for 2005; and/ or penalties and interest subjected to me: shall be decided by the jury.  And subsequently paid or not paid as that is decided. 
 THIS SHALL create the fundamentals for all people who elect to withhold taxes until we have established REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, according to the United States of America Constitution; and its first amendment promise to this people.  As our authority and right to influence this, our democracy: and enforce the law.
The jury decides, and establishes the parameters that must be met, to claim “I did it for democracy, or life”/ not the IRS.
WE ARE THE OWNERS, and in this case of truth and life as a nation called democracy.   These jurors shall represent this nation in this particular matter;   by creating a precedent for trial, from which the IRS CANNOT retreat.
The IRS employees:   are free to present their case, or expectations, etc in this preliminary trial.  Because it will govern this work until, a resolution has formed.