101 E MAIN ST. URBANA IL 61801


2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E

ST. JOSEPH, IL 61873






DATED: 10/18/10 Trial Number 10MR0766


QUOTE: “WE, the people of the state of IL- grateful to Almighty GOD for the civil, political, and religious liberty which HE has permitted us to enjoy and seeking HIS blessing upon our endeavors- in order to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the people; maintain a representative and orderly government; eliminate poverty and inequality; assure legal, social and economic justice; provide opportunity for the fullest development of the individual; insure domestic tranquility; provide for the common defense; and secure the blessings of freedom and liberty to ourselves and our posterity- do ordain and establish this constitution for the state of ILLINOIS.


all men are by nature free and independent and have certain inherent and inalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights and the protection of property, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.


The people have the right to assemble in a peaceable manner to consult for the common good, to make known their opinions to their representatives, and to apply for redress of grievances.

Section 13.  TRIAL BY JURY

the right of trial by jury as heretofore enjoyed shall remain inviolate. (Illinois constitution).


1.      In the matter of FAILURE in the courtrooms of the state of IL:  the county of champaign, the city of champaign/ urbana IL.  The reality of redress of grievances, has been denied/ the foundation of contract law corrupted.  The judges involved;  in direct criminal contempt of the constitution of this state and nation.  Even a judge has NO right or reality allowing the dissolution, disrespect, or avoidance of THE LAW.  He, MUST obey!  The DUE process of citizen rights and protection;  having failed; is a cause for criminal prosecution..  This trial represents a complete failure of section 1 and section 13, of the state of IL constitution. The first amendment/ 4th, 7th, and 14th;   of the US constitution.

The matter of criminal prosecution against each judge arises:   because it is illegal, “to break down, destroy, or deny; the laws, the rights, privileges, and protections of the citizens of this state”.  Neither is it “fair and legitimate: for any judge, to declare yourselves to be “above the law”.  Those who break the law/ are subject to the law and its consequences.  The felony count of denying or discarding, an oath of office.  The felony count of stripping the courtroom of its law: in 09LM1414 , using the bench to destroy  guaranteed citizen rights, and disavowing the authority of the US first amendment to our constitution of this USA; as well as the others. Its protections and guarantees to me. And section five of the state of IL constitution.

The felony count of stripping this citizen within a courtroom of my:   USA GUARANTEED AND INHERENT RIGHT to the law provided as our nation and state’s promise to me.  Trial 09LM1414, and its consequences in Champaign county court/ again in federal courts. Thereby using the judicial bench to destroy guaranteed citizen rights of us all, and disavowing the authority of the 4, 7, and 14 amendments to our constitution promised by this USA.  Sections 1, 5, 13 of the state constitution. Keeping these guarantees, from me.  Discarding the primary instruction and full weight of the state of IL constitution in its preamble, guaranteeing to this people/ the purpose of their employees, the foundation of law and authority in this state; will be to protect the people and provide the law with justice, truth, and fair play/ through equality for all its participants..

These charges:  DEMAND INTERVENTION BY THE POLICE.  Those people charged with maintaining the integrity of the court/ as well as the disciplines charged to the public citizenry.  The duty of the police and the court establishes: BOTH have distinct obligations to obey the law themselves. Distinct duties to perform,  when felony assault and battery does occur.  The assault against me, is: “these laws shall NOT protect or defend you”.  The battery is: this judge/ these judges are above the law, in this state of IL.  Thereby presenting me with felons, and thugs standing in the courtroom:   and a war to demand obedience to the law/ against those “more powerful than I”.  These charges are “willful misconduct/ dereliction of duty/ and disrespectful to the people of this state and nation.”

Issues and relationships regarding the appellate court case;  as is subsequent trial 4-10-0679.   Do not adhere to the foundation required of the police which is a separation of powers. This has become a separated issue.  The court and the police are NOT the same.  They each have rights, authorities, and responsibilities to the people they protect first/ not to each other. 

THE MINIMUM DEMAND IS “REDRESS TRIAL, by randomly selected Jury”: with honest and real advertizement of first amendment responsibility to be accepted and understood.   These jurors hold the keys  of redress for the citizens of their state;   

  They decide: IF WE PROCEED, TO ASK THE NATION.   Demanding accountability/ protection/ rights/ and the truth of our democracy. They decide the contract dispute bringing this trial before the court. They decide if the tax  previously withheld, by me was necessary to bring redress of grievances to court.


 THE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IS IN FACT THE LAW.  THAT this court, & EVERY JUDGE MUST OBEY THE LAW:  TO GRANT THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE, THEIR RIGHT, AND THEIR DECISION:   TO “the truth and consequences of THAT LAW.”  THE RIGHT to be respected and recognized, as true owners of this state and nation.  The right and demand to make our decision, for ourselves; and hold our employees accountable.


2.       In the matter of:   FAILURE to adequately protect the citizens of these cities, this county, and our state of IL.  The opportunity and legal duty to abide within the primary understanding of government demands: WHERE “realities in fact” EXIST, THAT CAN potentially THREATEN, DAMAGE, MUTILATE, OR DESTROY,    LIFE IN THIS STATE.  There shall be an investigation of the facts/ an examination of EACH  risk/ and a distinct trial before the people.   So that they can and will make their decision: upon the reality, and truth of HOW shall we proceed?   Our lives, SHALL NOT be gambled with!

 It is not up to the police or the court to determine “scientific theory”!  Rather it is their DUTY to examine risk, and or the gambling with our lives, nature, planet, etc:   EVERY threat, that defines a clear and possible harm!  Even if it is very small: IT IS, our right to be protected/ when being wrong is horrendous, or severe.  It is our right to have examined a bomb for instance;  prior to its explosion: who doubts this?   Reality inferred by the evidence of, what might indeed happen: should we let this situation continue/ is cause enough to demand investigation and court actions.  In other words:   IF WE OR THEY CANNOT BE WRONG:   without doing substantial or extreme harm!  THEN THIS CANNOT BE DONE, there are no excuses.

The cause and consequence being: that we are being threatened by terrorists (those bringing severe or serious threats of harm into our lives).  Is, the courts, have inadequately responded to assure and sustain the life, health, property, children, and well-being of those citizens represented here. That fact must be changed/ before it is too late.

The allegation: when EVEN THE CONCEPTION, of severe and serious threats exist:   that CAN IN FACT, by the nature and machinery of death: threaten our very existence, our ability to survive, our lives, our businesses, our everything called life.  IN THIS PLACE & within our future, and even our world: because the threat is that extreme, or lessIT IS OUR DECISION TO MAKE AS A PEOPLE/ not theirs to gamble and assume. To play with our lives, to expose us to their own failures, to threaten everything: is terrorism!  We are known to be at the mercy of theory; with people who are, simply trying to play god!  People gambling with the laws of nature, time, and energy, that we depend upon for our survival.

 The foundation of that as legal demand for protection is:   “When you know”/  THEN these police, courts, and employees of the state of IL: being informed these threats do exist/ MUST INVESTIGATE/ EXAMINE THE FACTS/ DETERMINE THE RISK/ and let the people decide for themselves what they shall do, by participating in that courtroom, full disclosure of all that is truth and reality.  Thereby accepting our fate,  rests in the hands of ourselves.  RATHER than a few: WHO DO GAMBLE, and RISK EVERYTHING PRECIOUS: TOO ALL OF OUR LIVES!  This case proves:   you now know/ and cannot legally refuse.

 The foundation of being a police officer, whose job and duty testifies:   “To protect and serve”/ REQUIRES ACCEPTANCE OF THAT DUTY, according to the severity of threat. That is the job!  This threat, these threats listed herein: can kill/ maim/ mutilate/ establish war, and harm every single living human being here in this joined city, and this state of IL, and MORE.   That fact is NOT held down, by the assumptions of theory!  Rather UNTIL THE EVIDENCE SHALL PROVE, no risk exists!  THIS TRIAL asserts  a  terrorist exists!  Intervention, is the law.  That we cannot risk the potential and irrevocable reality of what can go wrong; is truth.  NO RIGHT OR FREEDOM EXISTS: that may rob us of our right to live, enjoy nature, or make our own decision about life, property, or purpose.  No acceptance of freedom is allowed to be  ENDANGERMENT, or EXPERIMENTING with anything, or ANYONE else; a reality utterly opposed to justice;   that conceives of extreme harm, to us all.

That there is no threat allowed/ no threat we shall not be protected from: “to life, home, property, state, nation, future, and even world”, IS A GUARANTEE OF BOTH STATE OF IL AND NATION.  Thereby we know, NO ONE has the legal right to jeopardize our lives/ with their theories.  To risk our nature, our very reality as a world, with their attempts to gamble with life, energy, or other.  A theory by definition is: WE DON’T KNOW, what will happen.  Thereby a state of risk, cannot be denied.

This fact: Demands that legal actions/ and substantial work, including the risk of encroaching upon the courts/ PROVEN, when they do not do their job: is required, by the alternate arm of justice and fair play which is the police, and politician: is not your job to protect and serve!

Demands ALL appropriate:   LEGAL moratoriums,   SHALL BE raised by our courts and/ or police in each and every appropriate courtroom! Demanding “you shall not continue TO RISK OUR LIVES/  until we say you may; by legal vote of the citizens of this state”.   We the citizens:  Require these state authorities to do their job:   to sustain and protect our lives, against all aspects of unnecessary or extreme risk. As individuals, we cannot contend with: realities such as experiments, resource loss, machines, etc/ that are simply TOO extreme for personal resolution.  Because failure is too heinous and devastating; WE MUST KNOW the end result/ NOT theorize!  Even one in one hundred billion, is too much.  When gambling with OUR lives and nature, our everything; on earth.  These   DO threaten to do us great harm, can even murder us all.  Wherever, men and or women chose or choose to play god themselves, to experiment or risk our own lives: there MUST BE intervention.

 The foundation of police action then being: to demand redress of grievances for the people so that we the people ourselves (we the people, threatened) shall decide if these threats may exist, and go forward.  Or be dismantled in their entirety, and the people who do threaten us: be held  responsible & punished.  It is not the action of the police to decide, if these threats listed shall or shall not destroy, damage, or murder us all.  It is the job of the police to intervene, where any terrorist threat exists.  Where the consequence of an action or reaction, by accident, ignorance, or other;  can affect us all, with true harm.  Any threat:  For, from, or by any specific people, or cause in this state or nation/ that risks our lives or our world, is a call to action/ a demand this shall not be.  It is the job of the police to identify and create a foundation to protect this nation, world, and our state.  Where potential terrorists are identified, by the harm and destruction they CAN commit: they must be stopped.  A trial to determine, and thereby tell the world: DON’T let this happen to you either.  It is the job of the police, and or the military:   to understand, protect, and serve the people:   where ANY threat of substantial consequence, has the possibility to destroy, damage, or murder ourselves, or our world.

            BY MOVING THAT THREAT INTO FULL DISCLOSURE, before the people: thereby,  ESTABLISHING THE CRITICAL REALITIES WHICH CAN OR COULD BE CONCEIVED AS RISK TO OURSELVES/ as gambling with our lives.   IS fundamental to the battleground;   called TERRORISM. To be involved in the decisions that can harm our world, as we the people: our right of authority as owners of this state and nation; is without doubt, THESE ARE,    OUR DECISION TO MAKE, no one is allowed to risk or gamble with our lives.  Our choice/ no one else.

  Demanding trial, instead of waiting, to be wrong/ and the people or world to be dead/ our nature destroyed/ or any other potential horrific reality that could occur. Is mandatory:  Redress of grievances presents these critical decisions to us all.   THEREBY, it is the proper tool for the prosecution of these risks.

 Removing the authority of judges, to make the decision as a jury of us all; the critical truth of   WE THE PEOPLE: is democracy in action.  Demanding the courtroom to be FAIR and legitimate, thereby controlled by the judiciary/ established with penalties for intentional liars, or story tellers: commensurate with the potential destruction of our lives. So that we can decide ourselves: Is fair!   These threats represented here, affect and determine all of our lives/ THEREFORE it is not “up to any individual”/ but every individual to cast their vote and decide upon the evidence what, or who:  will be allowed to gamble with life on earth/ or not.  Our constitutional guarantee is:   PROTECT US!  That cannot be done, standing aside, and doing nothing; even though threats are clearly evident.  Gambling with our lives is a felony crime:  proven possible, and clearly a risk to us all, establishes the intent to harm..

 The mere possibility of disaster: is the evidence of a threat, that must be proven untrue!   NO freedom to threaten or subject another human being or life with great or small harm exists.  NOR is it a right to establish undeniable risk, in energy, nature, resource, or other: as may affect us all .  Without the evidence, that there is clearly NO risk to anyone but me, the individual. A reality in truth, that MUST BE established by undeniable absolute proof!   Clearly as best we can;  wherein these possibilities, CANNOT affect us all.  There is no legal right to proceed, with ANY cause or action that risks our lives without our decision.  This trial, by its reality: asserts: “people, industry, university, military, and others are gambling with our lives, our future,  our world and its nature.  That is a crime.  No one, has the right: “to play russian roulette” with our lives, property, child, nature, energy, state, nation, or world; etc.   PROVE ME WRONG/ PROVE THE EVIDENCE IS ERRANT!  IF you cannot/ then government authority, you,  must intervene, THEY MUST STOP!   OR you, face the consequence of being aligned with terrorism itself.  The punishment due YOU, should the worst that can happen be realized, is as a warning that need not be given:   because history proves how violent people can be.  Even so, the need to understand this is NO GAME, lacks sufficient reality; so a warning will be given.

 As with all terrorists: once the act has been established, there is only murder and mutilation and death to be dealt with. It is the power to destroy, that decides! It is the people themselves, who will then judge without restraint.



Those terrorists threats, which must be investigated include



the  first theat!

YOUR american LEADERS/ YOUR university EXPERTS, gamble with this planet, at the national ignition facility:   BASED upon these theories (guesses/ expectations).  The machine exists/ the experiments are now running.  What is true, DETERMINES whether this entire planet lives or dies! 

Not a game, because this is our reality; because this is the same fire as is on the sun/ the potential same result as is the sun, here on earth!

This trial is NOT about “the science”!

 Rather this trial for WE THE PEOPLE:   is strictly about the risk and reality of being wrong/ or being too late, a future destroyed; if we do not act now!

THEIR Theory #1

fusion cannot be sustained here, because the necessary gravity, hence pressures “to crush atomic materials, thereby attaining heat”:   are not possible to maintain for any significant period of time, on earth.


thereby;   all fusion is generated from the center of the sun, (wherein tremendous pressures are believed to exist, BECAUSE OF gravity) and radiates out.


GRAVITY, because the sun is considered to be so massive, is the cause of fusion.


gravity is: the evidence of a large body attracting a smaller body, thereby holding it by some form of unknown attraction.

Upon these four theories “of the extra special smart people”: they gamble bringing fusion to earth will not cause this planet to become as the sun is today;  completely engulfed with fire!


1. WE WILL create an energy burst explosion: equivalent to 500 trillion watts or 1000 times the electrical generating capacity of this USA.

2. WE WILL achieve temperatures inside the target area of over 180 million degrees F.  “More, than an exploding sun”

3.  WE WILL create pressures equivalent to 1000 times greater than, the gravity of this earth, inside the target area.

 THEIR MACHINE: 192 of the most powerful lasers known/ all pointed at one single pinpoint spot called the target. 

THEIR PURPOSE: to surround and encapsulate the atomic structure of whatever elements are inside that target, and make it surrender to their,  heat imposed.  “No escape”!  Thereby forcing the atomic laws that govern our existence here, to submit beyond their limits to resist:  changing that atomic law of time, governing earth.

THEIR GUESS: fusion will result/ THEIR EXPECTATION: but when we stop the lasers:  it will stop, because the pressures needed to sustain fusion; containing the atomic environment will cease.    More at


they have created a fire that cannot be put out, because everything here is fuel!

Are you willing to bet this planet on that theory?

E) the stated “military mission, or purpose of NIF, this facility; apart from creating fusion is: to test, “the exploding part, of nuclear bombs”!  Going to contain “repeated nuclear explosions”, inside a target area with lasers.  In a suburb called livermore;  of San Francisco. Apart from all the other possibilities:   containing nuclear explosions by encapsulating it within laser beams mean: IF ONE single laser fails/ there is a hole by which the nuclear explosion will escape, as a focused blast, multiplied by the energy effects, of the remaining 191 lasers.


   TO PLAY THIS GAME? Want to live in a San Francisco?

NO GOING BACK, EITHER life or death, for a planet/ based upon theory; and the propaganda of news media, declaring “they know”/ when in fact as proven by the word theory: THEY DON’T KNOW.  

These are Excerpts from

This is NOT a research project, it is an expectation and attempt to create as stated on their site:  fusion, the same fire as is on the sun.  Fusion is the burning of atomic bonds (EVERYTHING HERE IS FUEL)/ very similar to fire on earth that burns chemical bonds: except atomic BONDS ARE the fuel, instead of chemicals or more correctly molecular bonds.

Theory #4 believes gravity is so strong it “holds the planets in orbit around the sun”.   YET: We can defy earth gravity, by jumping; with minimal efforts.  HOW is that possible if gravity is as they expect, holding planets millions of miles away.  The math does not compute!   Compared to the size difference between earth and human, it is not possible.

Theory #3:   the sun is massive!  However, we know the flame rises due to heat expansion “millions of miles” from the surface of the sun/ because it is a sphere on fire. Thereby the heat pushes against itself, adding a tremendous increase in the distances needed, for that heat to exist in relation to the reality of expansion.  Meaning very simply: not only does the fire not extend down to the sun body itself/ but the size of that sun body must then be, extremely smaller: than common science expects. 

Theory #2.  The sun burns from the center out.  IF the sun was entirely “fire”/ then it would all be burning, causing a rate of consumption applied to the body of the sun that would be extreme.  The opposite is true, it burns slowly; and we know this is true, because the sun remains constant in human history.  Since we know, that everything on fire, is being consumed.  We know, thousands of years of human history would prove the temperatures here on earth would have changed.  Thereby, we know everything is not being consumed. If everything is on fire, everything is being consumed. It is not so.

MORE CRITICAL is the known truth: an exploding sun expands tremendously prior to its final explosion.  We know, if the sun were completely on fire, being hottest at its center: THEN NOTHING EXISTS within that mass, TO EXPAND!  Thereby proof positive fusion exists on the surface/ NOT from the center out.

a large mass on fire, has a variety of “hot spots” and will attain cracks and crevices and flumes varied by the temperatures beneath. It will have area’s being consumed faster & slower/ the sun would then deviate from a spherical shape/ and it does not.

Theory #1 only intense pressures create fusion!  However reality states: being effectively contained as an atomic environment/ and developmentally altered from its normal atomic state.  Atomic energy that cannot react outward/ given the law: for every action there shall be a reaction!  Demands that energy shall turn in upon itself: because for EVERY ACTION IN TIME, there will be a reaction in reality.  OR more simply an atomic energy confined which cannot push out/ once overwhelmed, then pushes into itself. That process begins the burning of atomic bonds OR:  The process intensifies, dependent upon the length of time: establishing “no space” and a black hole is born.  When excess energy creates, a single escape route. Essentially becoming a “ram jet engine”; what we see as “extreme suction”/ pushing mass through that center; turns energy inside out, and “dark energy is formed”

Theory #5 that fusion is made by the joining of two hydrogen atoms to become helium.  HOWEVER, reality argues: When atomic bonds are severed, only “parts and pieces” are left/ they eject as individual protons and electrons to recombine past the flames as hydrogen. Meaning their theories are,  all fantasy and delusion

  People will die.

Or would you prefer to believe “Chernobyl” never happened?

Those actions include


to our planet:   the terrorists at CERN/ the particle accelerator buried in a mountain. 

Their stated purpose:  “to recreate and study, the energies responsible for the BIG BANG”/ THE SINGLE MOST DESTRUCTIVE EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.   Here on earth. IT IS, A gamble with this ENTIRE planet that is complex/ but understandable, if you try.

THESE “EXPERTS” ARE, attempting to demonstrate energies that led to:

  creating the structural defects that caused the originating mass to explode, and expand into the universe we know today.  We know structural weakening occurred because it is a documented explosion of. such force, that no doubt exists only “dust and gas” was left.

THESE scientists, ARE GAMBLING: they can create the same energies and use it as a toy to study: simply turning their machine back off, will mean nothing bad can happen.  They BELIEVE , THIS EARTH WILL NOT EXPLODE; EVEN THOUGH THEY EXPECT, intend and demand: THESE ARE  THE SAME ENERGIES, THAT DESTROYED THE ORIGINATING MASS, of an entire previous universe.  To be wrong then, is to create the destruction of this earth/ same energy, same result is not unlikely. Therefore we review their theories here. (IN BRIEF)  And demand: if even a one in a million or more chance exists the entire planet is destroyed: THIS MUST STOP!  IT IS, our lives/ our future/ our everything: NOT just yours.

        They BELIEVE, the potential rewards, outweigh the risk; they are going to be “gods”.  However the reality once released, means we cannot go back in time.  If they are wrong, the evidence is:    an entire universe was changed; how much less, just this small planet. 

Their machine is described, as the following statements: ( described at scientific american, February 2008, for the propaganda media).

1.  We will achieve one trillion volts of contained energy, traveling at the speed of light; within this machine.  You could think of it roughly; as the energy required to lift 3 or 4 empire state buildings off the ground.

2.  We will boost the proton’s energy (the active part of a nuclear bomb) by 16 times.  Or if they could transfer this imposed energy into a nuclear bomb, it would be 16 times as deadly and destructive.

3.  We will smash these protons at the speed of light 30 million times a second, for up to 10 hours.  These are (for visualization) bunched into “trains”.  The number of trains or bunches on the “rails/ wires” are 2,808 at any one time.  The number of collisions per second on this ride is up to 31 million crashes per second, at 4 locations.  The expect as many as “20 individual train cars ” collisions at every crash site, each time; the rest travel on. 31 times 4=124 million crashes per second for ten hours=36000 seconds times 124,000,000=4.464 trillion crashes per day times 20 individual proton crashes per time= 89 trillion, 28 billion proton crashes per ten hours

4. Several nuclear power plants are required to generate the electrical forces needed for their experiment.  Add that to fuel consumption/ pollution/ etc.

5.  All of that force is isolated “into two wires (for simple understanding)”, the electricity moving in two different directions/ and then directed  into a head-on “train wreck” collision through what is in fact “a needle, or proton ejection means, shooting the gap between wires”/ all that power, going through“a needle” kind of like your sewing machine; sort of. Their desire and intent: apart from any other description is, to create energies: “to search for new forces never before seen in time”. While this may sound exciting, the reality of unleashing forces that do not obey the laws of energy and mass in time; as has already been proven to explode an extreme mass.    IS WITHOUT DOUBT EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  YET, this is their plan/ their purpose/ what their machine is for: and it is playing with tremendous force.  Established, with your money.


WHAT THEY DO NOT TELL YOU IS:   that in playing with energies this extreme, it is entirely possible that they WILL create the same energy that caused the originating mass of the previous universe (all gathered together/ just like this planet):   TO EXPLODE with an intensity, that nothing seen in time can duplicate.  Or more simply, given the incomprehensible size of that originating mass:   WHAT WE DO KNOW IS, THAT EVERY SINGLE ATOMIC STRUCTURE INVOLVED EXPLODED AT THE SAME TIME!   Creating instantaneous expansion of the whole.  Or more simply, it exploded so completely and so violently, that only dust and gas was left from the entire originating mass. 

Think about that for just a second/ and then go back to their stated purpose: to bring this energy here on earth.

What is important about the big bang for this discussion is:


INSTANTANEOUSLY , as did the originating mass of this universe:   ALL THE STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS INVOLVED,     HAD TO BE WEAKENED, (a very important fact).  In other words, something preceded the explosion itself. The question is HOW?  The answer is:   only an energy SO EXTREME, that no reaction could exist, no elemental relationship could defend; to confront it.  An energy and momentum  accelerated so fast: that time did not exist, by the laws we know as truth.  Time is by actual fact: the law that says, for every action there will be an equal opposite reaction.

What is important here is: THE RISK TO OUR WORLD/ THE GAMBLE these few, and their propaganda news teams, experts, and governmental leaders have created:    to an entire planet of life.

The question is: HOW MUCH velocity and momentum can the altered energy;   as dimensional protons of mass,  escaping time;  exit from this chamber with?  We return to their statement:   “We WILL increase proton energy (the explosive part of a nuclear bomb) by 16 times, due to our acceleration process”.

  A 20 megaton nuclear bomb then becomes a 320 megaton nuclear bomb: it is a massive increase in momentum. Therefore lets remember:   if a proton escapes at the velocity of the speed of light/ with an equivalent momentum of 16 times its normal state of energy, it needs only a push:   to be accelerated beyond the speed of light/ or the arena wherein time and its dedicated limits of:   for every action there shall be a reaction/ or measurement of time exists.

  To give these protons that push at cern, in these experiments: there is “at the atomic level” ;  a massive nuclear explosion behind them/ with every crash.  89 trillion proton, crashes in ten hours  Does that not sound like “a push”? 

There is also a massive aurea of electrons in front, behind, or surrounding them;  opening the door, to escape velocities, for any proton that breaks free.

  DEPENDENT UPON: the protons that do escape beyond the limits of time, or action and reaction limits imposed by time. The extreme number of electron energies pulling them or more correctly TURNING THEM BACK, (opposites do attract in atomic energy; electrons exist at speeds over “light”) will be applied.   This then becomes the ingredients to form:   “like a trampoline or spring, at low amounts of mass, or more specifically, if enough mass is ejected, or collected at once; a centrifugal loop”.  The energy created identifies itself by the trail of electrons it creates/ but because this is over the speed of light, time cannot measure it. The end result is:  protons will bounce back and forth, or circle through the earth or around it;  unnoticed and unfelt until the true force has gathered together enough protons with sustained momentum to “leave the womb” of its creation, called CERN.  With this mass in place, and these controlling electrons an established force, anchored in place.  This energy now, begins influencing time. OR more simply, once enough momentum has been achieved to estasblish, the centrifugal effect, an “upside down electron tornado” effect, will occur;  which will then pull atomic structures apart on earth, and eject them into space: the end will soon come! Which is:   the necessary effect in, or allowing: the complete weakening of atomic structure in large or small mass.  Once the tipping point has been passed, more and more protons will be accelerated to complete the process by the actions of this energy)/ as is  proven possible by the originating mass.   Prior to its explosion, which did create, Our completely new universe. Or, in this case OUR; evaporation from space and time, as the planet explodes.  Not a fantasy, these are the  energies being created/ the purpose of the machine at CERN!  They play a game; without regard to consequences, planet, or life: using fantasy, delusion, arrogance, and absolute selfishness GAMBLING with our lives.  But reality proves it is no game.  MORE IN DEPTH AT

love is the essence of everything we are, being alive struggles, because of what we are not. Truth says: it is not life that lacks in us/ it is, “what we choose to want”. 

Find truth. Or people will die.  This is, Added in an effort to modulate ( to leave room for hope) fear.

 The demand REMOVE all assistance/ all monies/ all intellectual property/ all physical property, lent, given, or sold/ and demand NO citizen of this place shall enter therein or provide assistance in any manner.  They shall be called TRAITOR, if they refuse/ and held accountable. This government shall seek resolution with other governments regarding this threat.

Those who see no danger/ and drive right into a brick wall:  are called “fools”. Are they not?

Those actions include

The THIRD immediate threat, TO LIFE.

NATURE IS, THE GENETIC STRUCTURE OF LIFE!  It is not more than that or less than that.

 Nature is, the genetics that build our bodies, create our world, establish a fundamental base of knowledge by which we survive.  Combined with the energy necessary to establish and maintain movements, decision, and the comprehension called life.  THIS NATURE, the universities, industry, agriculture, medicine, and businesses, are mutilating across this planet;   as if it were a toy. 

The foundation of their theory on genetic mutilation is:

1.  In the religion (cannot be proven) called evolution: evolution (we shopped/ we wanted/ we took for ourselves/ and it just worked, without even a brain)  builds  everything, “therefore life heals itself/ and we don’t have to care about anything”.  Even though these “scientists”,  say it took “a billion  years”.

2.  The primary goal of geneticists for the last fifty years has been:   IF WE CAN JUST MAKE GENETIC STRUCTURE “COLLAPSE AND BURN; so to speak”!  THEN, we will learn how to put it back together and take it apart: becoming creators of evolution ourselves/ WE will be gods.[ These scientists, HAVE done HORRIFIC things to life, in their laboratories, behind closed doors!]

That means, their perceived primary purpose is to destroy the integrity and disciplines that give us life.  The BALANCE, that gives us two arms/ eyes/ legs/ etc; same on both sides.

 Think about that!  Think about how your bones would be worthless without joints/ would be nothing but pain without lubrication/ would be useless, unless attached together in such a way with tendons and ligaments that you could move.  Would be a skeleton without muscles; lacking, the necessary; wrapped in a very specific order and attached so they could move, or without a mind to move them.  Can you not understand genetics give you a face, or a hand, or a foot; absolutely everything life represents: AND life,  LETS YOU USE THEM.

  Yet these are beyond even playing, calling life a toy/ THEY DEMAND death, so they can play god, and put life back together by their own design.   THEY ARE YOUR ENEMIES, FAR WORSE THAN ANY OTHER   “TERRORIST GROUP”. (equal to the top two threats) THESE TARGET EVERY LIFE IN THIS WORLD.    WAKE UP!

3.  The expectation of all medical genetics is:   IF WE SAVE THIS ONE/ then we will be great; no more tears!  The reality however is they are gambling with life and body for every single living biology on earth/ for the sake of only one, a tiny few.  That means “FOOL”!

 With tears and propaganda and temptation they declare GIVE US YOUR MONEY, so we can “wipe away every tear”.  But every DAMNED DOLLAR goes to genetic mutilation and the evidence of infecting this world with a tragedy we CANNOT recover from.  One wrong genetic mistake is an epidemic that can wipe out or change life on earth forever.  NOT a game/ NOT a need to know, no excuse for: therefore we must!  Because the fact of life is, the human population has grown so vast/ THAT WE CAN ONLY BARELY SURVIVE NOW; we have become, that devastating to nature which keeps us alive.  That means, like it or not, people do need to die.  Every life does need to be protected/ but NO LIFE deserves the possibilities that every other life will be  gambled away; because of just one, or a tiny few.  How is that NOT clear?  NOT A GAME, life or death for a world.  You ain’t god/ GROW UP. Death brings eternity, a few more days here represent nothing in comparison.  How is that, worth wrecking Creation?

4.  The purpose of all business genetics is: to create what they believe IS A MORE SELLABLE PLANT or biological reality/ than nature provides. To control biology and you, for money!  It is  NOT to help nature, for the purposes nature needs help with.  But to intervene with “man knows better; we want to be god”.  So traits are selected/ but the reality of what happens in the rest of nature is a complete unknown: they DON’T CARE.  And reality many times, cannot truly be known until years are past for some transitions in genetic trait to be recognized/ some never are, even though reality changed.  Because of, THESE RISKS: For the purposes of the GOING TO BE RICH: with the expertise and demands of the UNIVERSITY EXPERTS; who claim “we have power to decide”.   AMERICA has become a nation of human “lab rats”/ for we are fed vast amounts of genetically altered foods, and given no choice.  It is an experiment with our lives, to see “how the gods, they declare themselves to be”/ are doing with their re-engineering of you.  One tiny genetic mutilation that cannot be seen/ and life stops.  One tiny genetic mutilation, and your face grows out of your ass.  One tiny genetic mutilation and plants turn to poison.  One tiny genetic mutilation and nature becomes sterile/ and our food supply ends.  And they can’t wait to infect ALL of nature; as fast as they can!

5.  The impact of changing specifics; regarding any creature or plant; CHANGES the entire balance of nature and its cycles, its methods, and its ways.  Causing the destruction of other life/ interrupting the food chain, and composition of a creation that “works”. Do not “fish need to school”/ IT REQUIRES, “distinctly, the same”!  If complete recycling did not occur in nature/ then we would not be alive;   because whatever refuse would then be left behind after thousands of years, would take over. Take a look at your garbage.

7.  Life is not a toy.  Yet thousands if not more in genetics around this world:   are all trying desperately to prove they can be gods. To prove they can create humans crossed with insects/ or fish/ or animals/ or anything else.  Others are trying to cross plants and animals and insects together.  Others are trying to become giants, and so on.  Deliberately crossing genetic boundaries which create species:   to  redefine their own creation by playing god; regardless of the risk to all life on earth.  Boundaries exist to keep species apart, so that each is independent and sacred;   “Therefore, Built correctly”. 

These “scientists” will succeed soon.  They will prove: genetic discipline has been breeched, and all life on earth will be different.  Death and mutilation will spread in pandemic proportions, and every living thing on earth will be destroyed.  How can you doubt, “the wisdom of men” re-engineering you, and your world!”  WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Answer the damned question!

 How can you fail to accept nature has worked for thousands of years of human history proving balance and wisdom far beyond human comprehension.  Everything men have done, ENDS IN THE TRASH! And yet people say, “we must”!  WHERE is your mind?

That, is the contribution these people will deliver to you.  Unless you stop them quickly, what is called ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos) will come.

Geneticists    ARE PLAYING WITH THE MECHANISMS THAT CAUSE THESE THINGS TO HAPPEN. The reality that gives you life, because nature is literally: genetic structure, combined with energy and mass!

 Just because you can defeat a process/ does NOT mean you can “restart it/ rebuild it/ or relive it”.  Genetics are NOT a cross word puzzle, that will make you gods.  Not a game or math problem either.

WHERE IS THE ENERGY/ WHERE IS LIFE!  You literally do not even know what these are!  Think about that: gone is gone forever/ never again; and that includes all participation in thought and every other reality we take for granted.   Life is not a battery:    Evolution, broken down says: essentially, we shopped, we found something we wanted, and we took it for ourselves/ we just shoved it into place, and its all good [no eyes, no mind, no hands, no food or access to food or ability to understand food is needed:   absolutely nothing, but “baby gibberish”.  And they invaded your world.  Shame on you!

       LIFE in truth however: is BEING a genetically disciplined design that functions entirely on its own, is self-building, self sustaining, finds its own energy and materials,  and is self replicating so that life in time itself can continue on.  Is more simply: a complex, balanced organism that gathered, built, and surrounded as in a boundary; the intricate chemical and biological compositions necessary for taking in, finding, using, building, defending, moving, talking, seeing, hearing, and excreting the necessary products to achieve the maintenance of  life; etc, etc etc.  In addition too: creating, separating, sustaining, gathering, regulating, pressurizing, and directing chemicals with their products into working component parts/ WITH some type of functioning “mental process”, by which the determination or decisions of process or need could be achieved.

 Can you make a robot move without some type of “computer”?  No, YOU CANNOT. Can you live without all the necessary parts of your body?  Take out your own heart, see how long you live!  WANT to give this a try?  Why not!

 Just so you know: people do not make children, got a mind or not; biology does. The body is composed of very many critical parts: which must be in place at the proper time and functioning throughout life, or the body dies.  IT CANNOT EXIST, with just a few parts/ EVERY SINGLE ONE IS REQUIRED, or the body dies.  In other words: you CANNOT build a body one piece at a time. Think, what good is a heart without blood, muscle, lungs, veins, ETC!  Every human being wants and needs health: simple as that/ if its your life or your lover or your child; you want it too.  BUT WHAT IF EVERY LIFE ON THE PLANET WAS CHANGED FOREVER;   by a long list of potential pandemic’s, mutilations, catastrophe’s, horrors, and endless tears: JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T know when to quit.  Since we do not know, and NEVER WILL:    what is TRULY or fundamentally dangerous, and going to turn into horrific consequences: WE CANNOT PLAY, OR LEARN.  Because failure can mean the end of nature and life as we know this earth to be.  It is gambling with all life on earth/ and no one is worth this risk to an entire planet.  Certainly not, for just a few. Every life on earth is impacted by genetics.  Every genetic manipulation is a potential pandemic, either caused directly or as an agent of mutilation that becomes the pathway to pandemic or mutilation forever in any part of life.  Since we are totally interdependent as a world/ kill one, and you will kill everything dependent upon that one.

   Every form of Genetic manipulation: IS gambling with all life on earth/ and it is absolutely wrong, no matter what the purpose is.  We CANNOT return to the way life was, when it goes wrong.  IT WILL GO WRONG.  The very reality of what they do, INTENDS TO MAKE GENETIC NATURE, surrender and die, ITS THEIR STATED PURPOSE.   So they can play god, and make biology,  live another way.  WHAT IS NOT INSANE?

      REMEMBER THIS: the human body, can kill itself, or die from any slight invasion of something foreign.  We do know that immunization is dependent upon recognizing the invader in time to stop it/ and all mutilation, and most poison (even if not poison to you);  is distinctly responsible for causing that not to happen.

Behaviors in the community of fish or any other creature are dependent upon a large number of factors, including genetics which make up our initial “primitive foundations upon which all behaviors are built.  Fish schooling in the ocean for example is dependent upon all behaving the same, same size, same colors, making the same decisions based on the same signals and so on.   Change that, and they die easily. When they die, everything dependent upon them dies too.

1st amendment redress of grievances IS: THE DEMAND, “we the people,  are the experts now” or more simply we decide!            The DEMAND:   WE THE PEOPLE, ARE OWNERS, AND HERE FOR ACCOUNTABILITY FROM YOU. 

The demand: OUR RIGHTS, OUR RULES, OUR LAWS, OUR SAY, OUR DECISION:   shall all apply. Under the constitution or as we design by true majority vote.

Redress in this trial, established   WILL INCLUDE:   “the list” of threats that can exterminate us from this earth/ will include accountability in government and money.  Will include healthcare, and such things as:   WHY do we not have the option to visit a doctor “after hours” instead of the emergency room.  “We provide twenty four hour service/ the majority of cases in the emergency room CAN be handled simply by a doctor visit.”  WHY do we pay more!  IT WILL include whatever the people desire!   And so on..

This is literally:   FOR CONTROL OF THE NATION, by WE THE PEOPLE!    Yes, you agree, we WILL become a true DEMOCRACY/ or no, let everything remain the same!  

Make your decision.

 THE LAW, is ours to demand!  They cannot refuse, without criminal consequences and prison: should we decide to enforce that law.  THIS  IS A FACT, OF THE CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA:   AMENDMENT ONE, and more.       Do you desire your nation be returned to DEMOCRACY?  To we the people?                  Make up your mind.


Every society throughout history, who followed the occultists (those who demand, “we are smarter/ than GOD”); in their mad dash to play god & to sacrifice life.  Were ALL driven to extinction, or nearly so!  Why not you?  Think about what it means to be wrong!  Define your truth, so that you and life, will survive.

Those threats include:

1.  That when antibiotics fail, surgery fails too/ as well as treatment for countless diseases?    Has it NEVER occurred to you, that genetically mutilating everything we need to survive has consequences/ or throwing poisons, by the billion ton HAS a price?   Or that cancer is essentially a small genetic mutilation: WHERE, is your statistical information, over time;  about what is really happening in healthcare? Therein the cause of that failure in antibiotics, is not simply all, “natural” resistence.  The subsequent end of surgery because of un-treatable infection (a choice the university diploma and business made). Is a matter of criminal intent: because people die. The monopoly controlled by the medical hierarchy,  over the number of doctors educated; is illegal.  The monopoly over citizen needs and welfare by pharmaceuticals IS UNWARRANTED & ILLEGAL. The inherent and inescapable extortion of accident, disease, etc; does NOT allow free enterprise: it is not a choice.    The financial reality of healthcare is in a proven crisis. The endless claim of drugs gone bad/ and the failure to be specific with the risk as in “ten people out of every one hundred will die; ten saved/ ten without result/ we don’t know how much damage done to the rest”; and so on.  The failure of medical intervention to WORK ON THE CAUSE of disease in reality (such as the statistical variations between those who use “aspertame” in relation to breast cancer, or those who use “acetamenaphine” in relation to liver disease) / rather than genetics (playing god).

 People abandoned, and without option; will soon die/ some must. It is a threat.

2.   Antibiotics are incorporated as feed everyday in livestock meals (by the million ton)/ because without antibiotics to contain disease, there is no confinement agriculture.  Therefrom we KNOW, that when antibiotics fail, the entire “factory farm system/ ALL confinement agriculture” fails with it.  The creatures we depend upon for food, will quickly die/ and there is absolutely NO secondary system upon which we can turn.   The small farmer was put out of business; and  YOU WILL go hungry!  One livestock epidemic can mean: NOT enough numbers to recover/ because humanity needs more; so they will all die. BECAUSE,  That means either we starve, or we finish killing them all/ cannibalism is next.  People die easily, and by war.

3.  Did you know that antiseptics, various poisons, genetic mutilation, and more;   cause a biological tragedy in much of the microscopic world.  The bacterial germ and virus environment, as well as the other creatures which consume the dead, and take care of our waste, can be destroyed. Allergens, pollens, attractants for insects and other life and so much more all at stake. Alterations in these environments can easily become pandemic to them and us, / leaving life without defenses or immunity, because they have been mutated do to a wide variety of causes emanating from greed. Leaving us with endless refuse and manure we cannot get rid of: just like your own garbage, it doesn’t get rid of itself.  These conditions speak of horrible pandemic’s waiting to happen.  Every application of toxic materials or genetic harm/ HAS A CONSEQUENCE. 

  One simple truth/ one plain example is: my own teeth have been nearly dissolved by soda pop/ do to a “poison event”;  I quit drinking the water.  For twenty years no problem (doesn’t seem damaging does it), but then do to repeated acid drinks, the enamel disappeared, and the teeth soon followed.

 Proving just because you do not see an effect/ does not mean it ain’t happening.  Or think of the people with asbestos poisoning/ commonly dormant in the body for thirty years: then it kills you in 2-3 years: didn’t even know you were sick for thirty years!  So it is with all chemicals.  There was a story close to the Mexican border: specific chemicals in the water/ pregnant women gave birth to “whole children/ except they didn’t have a brain”.

  People will die

4.  Did you know, that the factory ship is required to stay out on the ocean until the entire ship is filled:  with fish, millions!  That means, when they find a school of fish/ these ships stay on top of that school until every last fish is taken on board (so the humans, can go home).  That means this entire colony, has been removed from the sea, and every predator fish that depended upon that colony will now die too.  That means literally in ocean terms, they are turning the sea into a lifeless desert, and the tonnage caught, the species that have been lost, the fuel consumed by ships all indicate the sea itself shall soon be empty; because of what men choose to do.  The sea feeds about one in six humans/ when the numbers can no longer reproduce themselves in sufficient quantity for our needs. There will be,  no food:   equals people die.

5.  Did you know, that based upon population counts across this world, we are growing at roughly 2 million more mouths to feed/ including deaths: each week!  As they grow, each one needs more.  We are already standing roughly one person per green growing,  acre of earth; and that green acre has to provide for every life on the planet, including animals, birds, insects, and you.  That the ocean does not.   7 billion people, each standing on a square 3 feet by 3 feet= 63 billion square feet “reach out your hand/ and touch someone”.  63,000,000,000 divided by 43560 feet per acre= 1,446,281 acres of solid humanity.  In a single living human line 3 feet apart 7 billion people reach 21,000,000,000 feet divided by the circumference of this earth at the equator 24,900 miles times 5280 feet= 131,473,279 feet.   21 billion feet of people, each  spaced 3 feet apart at the equator =   205 trips around the equator in an unbroken line.  If we don’t stop over-population/ IMMENSE and LIFE ENDING WAR. Is absolutely certain.

6.   Did you know our pollinators are dying; those creatures responsible for creating flowers, establishing fruit and vegetables: the insects, bats, and various other partners in creating nature’s abundance for us.  Without them there is no flowers, fruit, or vegetables for a world/ they help nature seed this world as well.  Without the insects there are very birds left, a portion of all forms of life will fail.  The biggest genocide  contributors are: the new insecticides which promise no insects left in your yard/ the newer crop varieties that promise an insecticide genetically mutated into the plant, to kill insects.  The various poisons and genetic alteration which if not directly responsible, are indirectly responsible by altering molds, germs, diseases, foods, and other factors which these creatures need, or which attack them.  Life is, “Not all about us”/ because without nature and its food for us, we are dead.  Therefore their needs are our needs/ their death is our death.  The reality of genetic alterations in food plants is very simply: LIFE STRUGGLES TO SURVIVE/ but pushed past the point of no return, it simply dies.  These plants and these methods will leave you with a living organism that soon, will simply fail to reproduce anything/ because you stripped it, of a desire to live.  The “smart people”, will laugh/ but life is not a mathematical equation, not a demand or creation of humanity: it is life, and in partnership with life, is the decision to survive. YOU chose to make them sterile/ YOU will get your wish, if you do not immediately stop.  Plants & People will die.

7.  Did you know, that only one inch of rain in every 50 inches of rainfall actually reaches the aquifers ; a quote from the IL dept of natural resources/ state water survey.  Just one inch of recharge in over a year of rainfall, over most of the world/ less than in this state.  Do you really believe the aquifers we are all dependent upon/ are not being drained?  When trillions of gallons are poisoned each year/ trillions of gallons are pumped into old oil fields to produce oil and natural gas/ trillions of pounds of toxic waste is pumped into area’s close to aquifers and can explode out of containment at any time destroying that aquifer forever (or an earthquake, releasing it).  Trillions of gallons lost to ethanol production/ trillions lost to the production of poisons.  Or garbage dumps built right on top of the aquifers.  Did you know trillions of gallons of water have been lost from the upper great lakes?  We CAN thirst to death/ and we CANNOT replace this water.  People will war/ lose their ability to spread out, and condense into chaos, and hell on earth; while they die.

8.  Did you know, that according to yearly fuel consumption statistics we burn enough fuels as a world to consume more than all the yearly oxygen this planet produces.  We know how much fuel we burn, because we sell it.  We know how many forests burn, etc/ and how much oxygen each of these fires consume.  Based entirely upon this projection of air by volume, necessary to burn these fires; the first 200 feet or so of atmosphere is required, and all the oxygen in it.  And neither you, or any animal has yet to have a breath of oxygen for yourself.    People will wish they were dead.  Did you know, that an experiment “for space travel” was done in the desert some years back; a greenhouse sealed over 3 acres (I believe) all kinds of plants, a water fall, “everything expected to be needed and more”/ with 5 people who were suppose to live in it for years.  They broke out in months, because the oxygen content had dropped too low.  In other words this is a statistic we can investigate; a reality of living and life we cannot ignore.

9.  Did you know, that a portion of base food supply of nearly all life in the ocean was being taken for livestock feed.  Every living thing in the oceans; on this planet, are dependent upon the chains of living creatures that feed us all.  Every life, is under threat of extinction do to the practices of men.   These creatures help supply our oxygen too.  And the ice shelves which grow or support much of this life, is disappearing.  When the ocean is dead, or past the point of recovery: what will you breathe/ one in six people won’t eat anymore.   People die.

10.  Did you know the ocean contains a million square mile garbage dump filled with plastics/ or that thousands of miles of ocean shore is dead because of agriculture and city pollution. All or nearly all of the various incubators of ocean life have been devastated, across this world.  Or every year, major releases of oil are lost into the seas.  Important to you, because without this food, a billion people will go hungry; is that not war coming?  The food distribution network “ocean currents”;  around the entire ocean is stopping, due to global warming.   These ocean currents; Which also keeps the European communities warmer than otherwise, “ delivers food throughout the sea”/ and supplies directional “mapping” stability to all ocean life.  Without a food supply for the ocean, or currents in the oceans, or the ability to know where you are/  due to global warming; we will go hungry too. Because without delivery, “the grocery store for an ocean, goes empty”.  With these creatures dead/    you  die too.

11.  In the state of IL, the reality of our elected employees in government services is: ACCORDING to IL state comptroller Daniel Hynes-Expenditures for the state of IL

Gov serv-elected officials received since July 1st : $12,231,439, 857.03 or 12.2 billion dollars for their work.   Does not say if benefits, pensions, healthcare, etc is included.  These are Salaries.

IL employment is stated to be 5,953,400 people, which equals every single IL worker pays $2,054.53 of their taxes to those elected to govern their lives.

 The site further states quote “here you can learn the cumulative total the state has spent since the beginning of fiscal year, JULY 1".  Or according to their statement, this is the price we have paid over 3 months and ten days. 

The site states:   “Total expenditures, year to date: FY 11 is $29,303,604,054.07   or 29.3 billion dollars divided by the current workforce equals every single IL worker pays or owes $4,922.16

IL statistics state:   this state collects $2.424 billion dollars and borrows currently an additional 202 million dollars bringing the total money available to $2.626 Billion dollars. OR two billion 626 million dollars:  Their numbers not mine.

IL statistics state:   we the workers pay strictly to RETIRED teachers in retirement, or for retirement $510,000,000.00 or 510 million dollars, divided by workers or 

equals every single IL worker pays $85.00 of their taxes goes to: teacher retirement/ people who do not work. And that likely, does not include further costs associated, with people who proved government workers CANNOT have unions.  It is tyranny.

THE FACT: THAT NONE OF THESE NUMBERS ADD UP.  THE FACT: THAT ALL OF THESE ACCOUNTING NUMBERS ARE IN SUBSTANTIAL ERROR, proves not only corruption and incompetence/ but liars and thieves are everywhere in this government which belongs to this state and these people.  Bringing the demand: I WANT REAL NUMBERS/ no more fantasy or delusion, or incompetence.

Where is my/ our protection.  Where are our rights and guarantees.  The answer is: just like the damn “sky box” built over the Urbana football stadium for the U of I for a cost to taxpayers of $121.9 million dollars.  Bastard’s and whore’s are milking us dry. And I, (speaking for all who agree)/ WANT OUR MONEY BACK; every last penny: FROM THE MANAGEMENT AND PROFESSORS, not the students or the state, or “plain employees, who have no say”. [SHOULD I pay tax to bastard’s, liars, and thieves?] the correct answer is NO! As a call came to me: with regard to my own 2005 tax/ NOT PAID because it is the only way to take government employees to court.  The failure to pay now, means penalties/ fines/ and interest will multiply.  

As to my tax for 2005: the demand was REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES according to constitutional law.  THEY REFUSED!  Which now brings us to the door:   IF THESE EMPLOYEES DO NOT DO THEIR JOB/ if they in fact are stealing from us, or incompetent, or in open rebellion against the authority of constitutional law; playing with money needed for our lives!  Then its time to recognize what is:  criminal actions/ criminal intent/ criminal burglary/ criminal fraud/ felony assault (demanding money from me, they DID NOT earn).  And more.

 In this state of IL, where the “government employees” gave away: THE WORK, we did, in exchange for our lives!  They did in fact, add a debt load to every single worker: expecting me and you to pay. We HAVE LOST over half the value of the money you earned already, in one year, due to federal government practice/ and not a word of warning to us by this state. Where is our protection?  Because there is twice as many numbers called dollars as there were last year. Did you get yours?  Debt is just a lie, used to swindle you; it is a thief used to steal an entire nation.

12.  Did you know our resources as a world are nearly gone; ransacked and ruined/ thrown in the garbage for the sake of “a job”/ for MONEY(promises only as good, as the integrity, determination, and health of the ones who made it).

  Yet we cannot live without resources/ money be damned, no resources literally means: NO LIFE.  Simple as that. This is not an infinite world, we WILL soon run out.   We would already be out of one of the three fertilizers that made food production bountiful, if more had not been found? What happens when that supply is over? How much is lost, to a damn yard, golf course, etc   What will you do, when that, or any other critical resource is gone?  The answer is people will die.

13.  Did you know: global warming does exist/ ecological chains of life are disappearing/ environmental disasters are being created/ oceans are rising/ deserts are increasing/ the ozone (excess oxygen supply) is disappearing for real/ species are becoming extinct/ terrorists are multiplying (people without hope, assume “you killed me/ so I kill you): etc.  Not to discount contaminated water, sewer diseases, genocide, etc.  Not to forget, you cut down trees creating enough board feet to reach far beyond the moon, and more every year/ completely unsustainable; necessary for oxygen production and life:  completely insane.

Leadership decisions: CHOOSING WAR, because they are forming a world at the brink of collapse, creating demands that cannot be met.    Your leaders chose:  not respect anything/ to steal from tomorrow, for the want, gluttony, and selfishness of today.  You chose to let them/   you followed, choosing not to build for life.  You chose not to care about reality or truth.  You chose only money first! And people will die, because money means nothing, in a world without hope, resource, or possibility of survival.

14.  Did you know, that a mere 25 nuclear weapons detonated around the world are expected to be enough to kill life on  this earth?  There are more than ten thousand, and that is just what your told: “in a world full of liars”.  Did you know, the biological weapons of mass destruction are expected to kill over 97% of humanity.  Specifically these  genetically altered & mutilated diseases, “re-engineered by men:” to avoid biological immunityMeans: One broken vial, and no humans left on earth/ because the dead bodies alone, will finish the last.  As was true in India, the  “Bopal (wrong spelling?) disaster”:   the chemicals which surround you, can easily take your lives away/ can easily become weapons of mass destruction.  Called your saviors, called your protectors, all these weapons of mass destruction are merely waiting; for one single excuse in men: to kill this entire world.   And you are so gullible you believe/ “they protect us”.  SHAME ON YOU. This nation, shall organize and demand: NO MORE OF THIS HERE/ we will choose world law and policing instead.  And pay the price required to build and sustain that law.

15.   Did you know that federal debt as is reported in the media is just the federal deficit: and it does not include state debt/ or personal debt/ or business debt/ or financial debt/ or agricultural debt/ ETC:  or all the bonds issued, by every little government agency that can.  Did you not know that all of social security funds are federal debts/ but no longer counted.  Now called “the people’s debt to themselves”.  The LIE: to claim a balanced budget under Clinton, by changing a promise. That federal government claimed (stole) the money, promising “its for social security”/ BUT then left social security without funding; giving us “the  people’s debt”/ while claiming its NOT part of “government debt”. Instead:   Adding roughly 60 trillion dollars in current social securities debt:  means with 13 trillion as reported by liars:   our debt actually becomes,   73 trillion dollars in just FEDERAL debt (what the people in US congress spent). Promising we would pay, as a nation.

16.   Evolution is just a religion (can’t prove anything of importance).   Promoted and in control;  throughout your government/ they infiltrated everything, both state and nation.  But its,  Just another theory; their evidence nothing more than a guess, another con, the assertion of fools,  or a sham.  Their assertion:   beginning of life “ just, hocus pocus, or whatever fool you wish to believe”.   The essence of their claim is:   we shopped/ we wanted/ and we took it for ourselves; “just plugged it in to the outlet, and it worked”. How blind can you be? Does your robot build itself, gather its own resources, control itself without your instruction? Evolution, Can’t and hasn’t proved anything/ nothing but stories, fantasies and delusion:   which means it is religion!  But people believe, because its “the university;  a religion in itself/ wherever stories exist rather than truth”. They do have an answer for everything, a story to tell regardless of reality.  That reality is then: just another damn cult; who got control over your children/ by taking over government.  

“The university says, its evolution”.   TRUTH SAYS: a genetic code so elaborate it not only builds a body, creates the utilities necessary for that body, adds a mind, creates bones and joints and valves and blood and services to support, and gives the fundamental knowledge to exist at the beginning (such as breathe/ heart beat);   and much more.  Is NOT an accident. 

 University says: “microbes, a chemical puddle; without a mind, built you: therefore we can play god ourselves”.  Clearly proving “microbes are then far superior to themselves”.

Yet the entire body represents clear and sustainable thought.  The reality of failure to respect nature/ of mutilating life means:  there is nothing we can do, to rebuild our lives. Nature is the genetic code: it builds life!  Gone is gone, dead is dead/ no second chances!

And you believe their lies, SHAME ON YOU. 

 They tell you “Noah’s flood” did not exist/ yet the evidence is absolutely clear:   the only possible way the coal, gas, and oil reserves (buried plants and animal carcasses) at depths ranging down to thousands of feet/ which were, “all buried at once”.  This, Could ONLY exist, IF a massive flood changed the face of this earth.  NOT a biblical story, the evidence of earth!  Your university and media, has been made aware/ and they refuse blatant undeniable truth.  Or more simply, as has been proven without doubt: NO RELIGION, including evolution, or the stories, fantasies and delusions of university:   belongs in government.  EVOLUTION is constitutionally forbidden and must be removed/ AND eradicated from educational teaching.   

16.  Any self-replicating consequence of human engineering as has been done with nano-technologies constitutes a very distinct threat against this biological world.  As structures that mimic and conform to the base descriptions of a life threatening disease, virus, or potential epidemic/ pandemic/ and various other biological interferences do exist. Do constitute a threat! These Man-made objects that can interfere with biology in countless ways. Is subject to distinct review, and our decision:  as to the credible threat we face as a people and world.   Can’t be wrong, is reality/ lives are at stake.



YOUR universities built the decisions, creating threats which we now face.  They propagated every facet of a courtroom in shame. Do they not control it?  The university sits in all aspects of government having thrown out all; but a diploma.  This government  IS now, proven to be a government of liars (hiding truth), a business and industry without respect (selling our rights to be protected, to be equal)/ a pollution and weapons and mutilation enough (destroying our future): READY, to end life on earth (arrogant beyond belief).  They even changed public education to deny children the right to be prepared for life.  They deny equal and fair play: by NOT educating the children on financial concerns, health as in medical care, or anything else of value/ such as the majority can use in their lives.  Choosing to make puppets, & present fear to the citizens of this nation;   of not getting into college.  Thereby  hypnotizing  the young “with want and pride,   to participate in greed: and do whatever they are told to think and do”.   Instead of growing respect for life, and instilling discipline, justice, and responsibility.   Thereby convincing many, “I can’t”/ therefore why not drop out!  Creating a failed state, with only them, the university, as “valued”.  Describing the rest without a diploma;  as, little more than their slaves.  

The university says, “we are great”/ but what truly have they contributed to life, apart from toys?  The answer is harsher warfare.  With antibiotics, and vaccines: an overpopulation that now threatens to destroy an entire world.  Communications, are the means either to be a true democracy by choice:   or die, with propaganda and lies, letting them, continue leading your way, to HELL.  With greater understanding comes greater responsibility: the university diploma and its professors declare by reality:   “we own this nation for ourselves”/ collecting more money than they are due/ DEMANDING and consuming all power to decide. Making or causing to be made: “monopoly money” to steal from us our property, our nature, and even our very lives.  An illegal act, a monopoly threatening life, nature, and world.

 There can be NO reliance on “the expert”.  There can only be the demand for truth in the investigation for risk: NO “human identity, or diploma: WHAT DO YOU KNOW/ not what have you been taught. Fail to convince us, that you are not a threat: and we will make you repay/ and turn away every employment you have!  Truth does not exist “within the diploma”; it only proves “he or she memorized what they were told to think”. Truth exists in the simple, PLAIN, less than one page text or reality that proves: we know this can and does happen.  No guessing/ no theories/ no stories/ no religion: the laws which govern true life, energy, and world.

  Shame on you for worshiping them/ they are not gods; the tiny bits done by the university to benefit you are like a candle to the sun.  Compared with the threats we now all face: the reality of, what has been done potentially, to destroy you/ to destroy all life.  WAKE UP OR DIE.   “Not hate for university/ but a return to honesty, truth, and reality.  NO MORE DAMN STORIES, FANTASY, DELUSION,  LIES or GAMES”!  No more, let them lead us to our destruction!      Life MUST BE first, in everything we do.   Not money/ not pride, arrogance, power, selfishness, want, disrespect, hate or any other garbage based disease of human existence.   TRUTH MUST BE OUR GUIDE/ LIFE MUST BE PROTECTED FIRST:   only then does want get a say in anything, if at all.  There is no room left:  NOT for arrogance, idiocy, stupidity, or ideology (worshiping images), religion, etc.  Shame on you.  We are in trouble as a world, as life on earth.  That consequence leads too: 

The reality of social change is very simple; the historical record (thousands of years) proves, “either you kill the leadership and their support” the historical solution.  THIS FAILED FOR EVERYONE, as history proves,      it solved nothing!



This is the foundation of constitutional government called America/ called the state of ILLINOIS! The enforcement of that law, is democracy.  The failure to enforce constitutional law, is DESERTION OF DUTY.

The reality of today is, that democracy in america/ in this state; has in fact, been supplanted with the tyranny of money, power, selfishness, and greed. With university so arrogant and blind they led us to threats which can exterminate us. Thereby it is essential to apply redress of grievances, and reestablish “we the people”, ARE the owners here.  Proving  instead of them “who believe, they rule over us”.  We will rule over ourselves, as one nation/ state/ individual: determined LIFE MUST COME FIRST, not simply the individual, but life for this planet.

Every threat, that has the potential to be devastating to this state or nation/ this city or world: exists as a cause under the preamble of the constitution to demand OUR EMPLOYEES MUST fight for us/ MUST protect us as they promised to do.  MUST BE fair, legitimate, and just, under the guidelines of the constitution.   The constitution is: the basis and foundation of all law and every authority; this fact has been provided to any elected official or representative of the people/ by demanding their oath: “we shall obey”.  But, Instead of what we are owed, as a state or nation/ as citizens of this place on earth. Our employees have allowed threats which can exterminate us/ have allowed theft to consume our property, securities, our rights, and our future. Have allowed, “that we shall be LAB RATS, for the purpose of university  experimentation with genetic mutilation, ON OUR LIVES our children, our nature, our everything”. By making promises they CANNOT keep, by the LIES, “they know”! THEY KNOW NOTHING, except we are the lab rats to prove their theories!  Have allowed religion to overtake government.  Have allowed the courts to disobey and ridicule constitutional law.  Have allowed the seizure of media by just a few “rich”.  And have failed in every sense of the word, to sustain this United States of America/ this state of IL:  as they were intended to do/ and declared by oath they would do. As the preamble to both constitutions, both state and nation:   declares we are to be.

That means under eminent domain, “the right of the masses IN DEMOCRACY, to protect and provide for themselves/ regardless of the objections from a few”. 

THE  inherent attribute of sovereignty of WE THE PEOPLE,    (the right of a ruler):   IS OURS!  The decision to change, decide, punish, stop, create, or assemble as desired: for this nation!

As WE THE PEOPLE, under constitutional law.

 OUR DEMOCRACY, MEANING WE THE PEOPLE ARE “RULERS HERE”/ is established by democracy, BECAUSE WE ARE THE OWNERS OF THIS NATION.  We the people are,  owners of OUR LAW, UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.  We inherit that authority under FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES!  WE BECOME:   THE OWNERS AND JUDGE of what  OUR FUTURE shall be! BY enforcing that law. Which means:        Either we are,

            “DEMOCRACY: we the people, FOR REAL”?                     Or we are not.

 There is no middle ground.

  Either the people are rulers here, the sovereign authority of this nation/ OR we are not.     It’s a choice!

         Make your decision!

        WE Do Demand:   that our policing agencies shall in fact create the necessary acceptance of their duty/ bringing the guilty, before the people and the law.  Those who threaten/ lie/ cheat/ steal/ manipulate/ control without rights/ and fail to obey their oaths.

WE DEMAND;   our right, TO REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ ACCORDING TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT. We demand the respect due, “the owners of this nation, this state”.

 Redress is a legal right/ the first amendment is the law that provides “power to the people/ to demand we are owners with authority:   and shall be accounted to:  by our employees”.  Democracy means:   that true and real authority is entirely ours, and no one else. We are the owners, & this is our nation! We are the people of the constitution, the decision that grants our nation to exist.

These actions as required, of the police, military. and the courts/ all of our employees, in unison:    Shall accept the demand, for  presentation of “redress trial” to the people; it is, our law.  They are, required/ by constitutional guarantee.

 Trial begins, With the advertizing necessary, to insure all,  the people know!  That a jury chosen by random, shall decide if this decision to demand true authority, and accountability from  our employees shall proceed, or not.  That fact, is the only fundamental required to begin the process for this state. IF YES, we will begin for this state.  Then, The question as filed, must  be presented to each subsequent county for their decision/ majority rules both for redress in this state, or in this nation.  It is a two part question: one question is redress for the state of IL, this government of IL/ the other question is redress for this nation, our nation the United States of America.   No plaintiff, may present the same question twice.  Either yes or no.  If yes, it is the county and court that presents and pays to present it:  to the next “district for their decision”.  If the jury says no, this case is over for the litigant representing it/ there is no appeal.  It is however fair and legitimate: that someone else may present this same question for themselves:  in a different county, or state. 

NOT a trial over the fundamentals of threat, or any other. It is NOT NECESSARY to prove a threat exists.  It is only necessary to prove the potential of a threat could or would exist.  Because that is enough, to demand LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE!  A trial distinctly provided by the Constitution:   to establish accountability/ ownership/ and a decision by the pure vote of the people themselves. Required: To determine the truth about THE RISK TO OUR LIVES, OUR NATURE, OUR WORLD: from those threats, listed here that can exterminate, destroy, damage, or cause consequences of TRUE  harm to us:  and this world.

 THIS TRIAL: is To decide what our future will be/ or not. For ourselves, by an informed vote; based upon the truth of our reality: among all the citizens of this nation or state! As best we can.

 Informed shall mean: “the clear option to learn/ whatever you can, with honesty in that presentation of facts to be absolute and clearly provided with the honor necessary: so the people WILL understand.”  As best we can.

Redress begins as the question:   WILL WE DEMAND THESE THINGS, or will we not/ a jury vote is required: OR it can and may go directly to the people themselves.  Will we demand a courtroom, and all that goes with it:   to understand, investigate, and examine every threat, and problem stipulated, or not; it is a choice, of the people/ NOT the court.  Will we seek: To establish and control risk over our lives/ thereby ending those who gamble with our lives, our nature, our planet:  or not? Is your decision, I have made mine.   This being, the issue most prevalent and in need/ because it is irreversible!  The extreme threats, are first to be dealt with.   The fundamental of this trial for life, DO YOU CARE?

This is a legal demand/ but also a constitutional foundation in justice, which goes beyond the limits of this nation, and encounters the world: because we do not die alone.  They too:  shall be entitled to their say, on any matter threatening them, within that courtroom. NO “CLOSED DOORS”!

Should the accumulated jury decision be yes, and consequent county decision be yes! Followed by the decision of the people in this state is yes. Either for state or nation/ then, “we demand”.  The alternative to individual court and separated county decisions. Is a simple state wide: HAVING BEEN INFORMED OF THE REALITY, PURPOSE, and consequences OF THIS TRIAL CALLED REDRESS,    Vote! A simple additional sheet, yes to redress for this state/ yes to redress for this nation, or no!

  Then in the matter of all threats, the reality of trial is NOT defined by “scientific evidence or presentation or theory”/ BUT RELIES UPON ONE SINGLE CONSTITUTIONAL  DEMAND.


 We will decide the future of this state of IL, and this nation.  We will decide  our laws;   ourselves.  We will vote for ourselves/ NOT for someone else to vote for me or you.  We will vote, on the realities that define and determine our very lives/ our literal future/ and our world.

Or more simply, as is the preamble to the constitution itself:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.  

Within this “governing body of words, its amendments, and the rules of behavior required to be upheld by: our employees”/ the United States government exists.  This state is no different.

By the incorporating words of both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of rights:   we understand, what the people who built this nation=sacrificed lives, body, and family for this nation:   believed that DEMOCRACY would be. 

But make no mistake: as one people united, WE DO, have our own say as to the future, structure, “ways and means”, and laws which govern our lives today.  We can and do demand DEMOCRACY as the means of our freedom, and our right of ownership shall be as required for this day. We are the nation/ we are the owners/ we are the authority/ we are EVERYTHING this nation is, by our decision, by our educated (on the issues) vote, and by our military: “the sons and daughters, of/ or ourselves”.   NOT a vote for someone to vote for me!  My own vote/ OUR OWN VOTE:  on the law, the war, the future, the governing, the court, the business and industry, and the reality of life today and forever.  As we desire it to be. And more!

Our state and nation, proven by democracy and truth/ the choice of a free people, to defend themselves.