For the central district of IL
201 S. Vine,   Urbana IL 61801

James F. Osterbur
2191 county road 2500 E.  St. Joseph IL 61873
the Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania ave NW    Washington DC 20535-0001

DATED 12/ 30/ 10
TRIAL # 10-2277

IN THE MATTER OF TRIAL 10-MR-766 filed in Champaign county court: establishing a need for intervention, protection of the people, and the equality of law applied to all.  Due to the treasonable actions of a judiciary which refuses to obey constitutional law.   That trial being filed on October 18, 2010.  Within Champaign county court.
The criminal act of refusing to obey DUE PROCESS OF LAW, in this trial, after waiting over 60 days without the slightest response from the court, or a single defendant.  Now looms as denial of not only first amendment rights guaranteed by both state and nation.  But denial of due process/ a blockade of the court from all parties; thereby conspiracy and collusion.  The state of IL supreme court/ the attorney general’s office have refused response as well.
The county/ joined cities/ and state police being defendants refuse compliance, and deny me a response as well. 
The court REFUSES to provide subpoena’s the necessary information; for the purpose of proceeding.  IT REFUSES TO DO ITS JOB.  Although all information has been sent; with proof of service. LETTERS DEMANDING any and all information or other that lacks be provided. The governors office has been sent notice to implement this trial by whatever means are necessary, and refuses.  They took my money/ but refuse to cash the check.  Thereby establishing “a disease/ or more specifically a rebellion” against the laws and constitutional mandates of both state and nation.

The IL appellate court in another redress trial, refuses to commit as of this date/ thereby signaling “probably not”.
The federal district court has refused the law of redress case 10-2055/ as has the US attorney in court without cause; denying due process or more correctly refusing to obey the constitution of ILLINOIS, and the constitution of this USA
The federal appellate court in case 10-2146   THROWS the case out/ after a docketing statement that reminds them of the fantasies and lies;  they created to throw out a previous case. Saying I did not pay the fee/ which is clearly a lie, because we had proceeded under the case number above: NOT provided UNTIL YOU DO PAY THE FEE.
The US supreme court, refuses to obey the law called redress as established in case 08-1339 a docketed supreme court case thrown out by a clerk: an illegal act.  With defendants being the president/ the attorney general/ and the court. A case, Demanding constitutional law shall be kept/ it is mandatory/ NOT discretionary!  These specific cases are listed on and

Now comes the legal demand: as the primary policing agency for this United States of America/ as overseer for the policing agencies for this state of IL.  “As protectors of the people/ THE CONSTITUTION/ and defenders of the court system”.  It is your job to clean this mess up; and establish the foundation of law in this nation as:     DUE PROCESS OF LAW.  The constitution decides/ NOT the judge!
None can deny it, not even the US supreme court.  Certainly not the lower court of this state called ILLINOIS. Let them take me to court, should the supreme court itself wish to argue what the true and real interpretation is.  Either way, I deserve my day in court; UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEED LAW.
If that ain’t your job, when the judiciary, the hierarchy of government, are proven to be incapable of following the law:   whose then is it? 
Justice is not a game/ there are no excuses for ignorance of the law/ every other legal argument has been used and destroyed in court for not following the law:   the time of default by the court has come/ the opportunity to amend their ways has pasted.  Either send these people to jail/ because not even a judge has immunity to disobey the constitutionally provided guaranteed rights to a citizen of this state of IL and this nation called the USA.
Or impose and create upon these courts:   the critical truth of redress of grievances according to the first amendment and the constitution of this state of IL as trial demands.    One or the other/ or both!


Number 2;    The issue of possible censorship and/ or other outside interference;  has come up, with this site www.justtalking3.infoThis reality of suspicion; occurs through an update on the host server/ but not through the hosting agent. Do to my own computer, recent problem/ the reality of what is possible is clear.
As described:   the denial of “microsoft authorization check” not chosen;  establishes. After several months, the computer simply began crashing, a little more over time> the instant that authorization was allowed to run> the problem disappeared.  Critical suspicion suggests: “a tiny virus” implanted by various means to demand compliance.  They didn’t need access.

Foundations fought for:
The difference between a democracy and a tyranny is:   we the people are owners/ because the law rules over us all.
The difference between anarchy and the rule of law is: our employees obey constitutional demands, and sworn oaths.
The difference between rebellion and peace is: we are owners here/ this is our law, this is our nation, and we demand respect.  Rebellion says: NO, its not/ WE CONTROL here!
The difference between tyranny and harmony is: that justice is blind, that due process serves all the people, that democracy is held in honor above the individual need, and that our employees KNOW: that they cannot rule over us.  Only the law is allowed.  Greed cannot rule over us/ we are a democracy, and we decide our future ourselves!

Whose side are you on?   MAKE YOUR DECISION!
 Or establish legal cause in this court of law, WHY I would not expect that to be true!  Prove, you need not be involved.

I ask for the constitutional law to be enforced, both state and nation: it is that simple.  The court has refused!  That makes them:   in criminal contempt of the law.  That focuses upon: denial of DUE PROCESS, and the first amendment.  That identifies open rebellion, conspiracy, and collusion between all parties involved.  Prove me wrong.