In the accounting required by this site, the simple foundation is:   DO YOU wish to keep these sites available to you/ or not?   It is a simple question: answer it, and take responsibility for that decision.   Or it will close/ consequently .
            Current costs for the site run at $156.62 per combined 8 giga-bytes of transfer data.
            Current donations, to the date   roughly 12/ 12/12:      zero. 

            The question to you then:   do you find value here or not?   Even though these are  heavily censored sites;   the reality of a significant amount of people knowing, or visiting them has proven you can do, what you need to do for yourselves.  Because you do have the means, and you are given the knowledge necessary to decide for yourselves: 
IF YOU WILL LET THE UNIVERSITY CONTINUE TO   “DO ANYTHING TO THE PLANET AND ITS LIFE”, they can conceive of.    OR, protect yourselves, our environment, our nature and just say:   WE WILL DECIDE, if this can be done to our world or not.  It is our lives, our future, our nation, our children, our everything.  Therefore WE WILL KNOW, AND WE WILL CHOOSE, as a nation and world.  As is democracy in action. 
Your democracy, as a nation  is shattered, by the people in charge.  By the university education that took over the nation and counterfeited its way:   TO OUR BANKRUPTCY.   This is the people who play with your lives, and your world.   I guarantee/ you will die soon,   if you refuse to stop them, from gambling with our entire world/ with our entire nature/ with our lives.  YOU WILL LOSE, as all gamblers do.  Only this is for the entire planet, as that is what is being risked.   There are no second chances/ no excuses;   YOU CAN conceive of failure.  One mistake that cannot be corrected: (absolutely unavoidable) at these levels of disrespect for life, energy, and planet:   and we all die.    They are insane, for doing it.  That means, by the consequences of reality and truth:   WE MUST INTERVENE.
You are now on your own/ I refuse to be your excuse anymore.  Either make a decision for life:   because we cannot let them be WRONG/ or we die, because you just didn’t care enough, to fight for life nor planet.  TO YOUR SHAME.
I DO, wish you well, proven by the simple fact: I have spent thousands/ a lifetime/ and everything else required:     To give you this simple message.   When an experiment cannot go wrong, without killing the planet or its life/ THEN IT MUST NOT BE DONE.   WHEN there is no respect for democracy; no respect for the law, or this people (as proven in courtroom after courtroom): there is no democracy, because leaders have revolted, to take it away.  To make themselves rulers over us/ instead of employees under us.   Make a decision:   democracy or rulers?  You can’t have both.